Questions as to Whether the Westboro Grave Ritual, Documented by the Huffington Post, Occurred

Taking the pictures off the internet- this group of Amazon trolls now wants proof that the whole situation with Doug Mesner/Misicko happened. Although this was removed- I kept this post to show what I am speaking about…

“Ac2012 says:

Oh, Felicity, please, do present that piece of parchment written in blood that says that Doug and CritThink are the grand poobahs of the unholy church of Lucifer. Or maybe some records. A member list? That ‘public grave ritual’ – maybe you have pictures, or an article not written out of whole cloth by some unscrupulous ‘therapist’ thoroughly invested in satanic ritual abuse? A tax- exempt filing?

What’s that? You have nothing? Why am I not shocked?”

First off, most satanists, in my opinion, are nothing more than sexual deviants who like to get off anytime they can- with anything they can. As such- NO DOCUMENTATION is ever done. No one is keeping notes- no one is documenting- certainly NOT the children who are generally involved- and so to claim that there is no documentation is a no-brainer, but doesn’t negate that these activities exist.

Secondly- the whole Westboro grave site ritual in which Doug Mesner/Misicko, as Lucian Greaves, teabagged the grave stone for the Westboro minister’s dead wife in order to make her gay was documented not by an “unscrupulous therapist” but rather by the Huffington Post, who published the pictures online. Like most satanists I have encountered- there is a discrepancy as to what the truth of the matter is regarding the whole thing- so just for posterity I will publish the pic that Mesner has desperately tried to remove from the internet…


As you can see for yourselves- this event DID IN FACT HAPPEN, and just as you can see that the satanists involved (ac2012’s name is actually Alister Crowley 2012- famed dead satanist whose followers have designed a website with the same name), they will lie and deceive in order to change the truth to fit what they need it to be. Rewriting history to fit their needs, this group of trolls- who have an obvious allegiance to the little boy satanist Mesner/Misicko, will do anything they can to defame and lie- even though there is photo documentation out there to show that this event- designed to turn the Westboro minister’s dead wife gay in the afterworld, did indeed happen. If this group would lie about such obvious things- WHAT ELSE COULD THIS GROUP LIE ABOUT?

Mesner/Misicko is trying to publicly take the place of REAL satanist Col. Michael Aquino- who is far from the joke that Mesner is. Head of a REAL satanic cult Temple of Set- Aquino is a child killer and grand master of pedophilia- and I will do everything I am able to keep focus on the REAL culprits of satanic worship and child abuse and keep it from boys who simply can’t help but expose themselves when the national media is focused on them. Satanists such as Aquino hide in the shadows, for it is deep in the shadows that these crimes against children are happening, and it is people like Aquino who need to be exposed instead of merely Mesner’s privates. Making themselves out to be “skeptics”- this group of Mesner loving, false memory pedophile protector trolls on Amazon and Facebook are doing nothing more than wasting survivor’s time and energy making jokes out of abuse and trashing those of us who would come forward and expose it by claiming that WE are the liars- publicly FLAUNTING their misgivings online by denying that the events never took place. Judging by the enclosed picture- you can see this is a fallacy- that Mesner/Misicko- spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation, did in fact show his “manhood” in a weird satanic ritual while stating that satanism, and ritualistic abuse, doesn’t exist. Well- I assure you it does- and I just wanted to prove what liars this side is.

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