I’m Back on Amazon

For over a year it has been held against me that I had been banned from this website- and it is true that I have not been able to post since- but according to the Amazon legal department- they have nothing in their records that shows they actually banned me. More than helpful- the lawyer who called me to talk to me was very pleasant- and wanted to know exactly what had spurred this bombastic argument “the other side” was waging on people such as Felicity Lee- a victim of abuse and an advocate like myself, and Judy Byington- who is author of 22 Faces and has been trying to be a survivor’s advocate since publishing her book- both- like me- only to be viciously stalked and attacked, both on the web as well as in real life. Trolls are a new and growing problem- and Amazon is starting to realize that their site is full of them- and that the situation far extends beyond their website alone. This was a good day.

So I will be posting again on Amazon- not on my book but on others- trying to bring a sense of rationality to a group of arguments that stem from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- although it has been disproved over and over as any kind of anything- let alone a syndrome- and it based solely on a certain group who is active with the False Memory Foundation making up preposterous theories like the recent “false memories” have been disproved by mice, but are incredibly adequate of getting their “headlines” into the media.

My memories aren’t false. Nor were they repressed. My experiences also didn’t stop as a child but continued into adulthood. The reason why this group has seemed to trick me and Amazon and everyone else into believing that I was banned is because my situation doesn’t fit the parameters of what they need to disprove me- as my therapist hasn’t implanted any memories into my brain- nor am I a “hysteric woman” who has been “convinced” that they have issues with dissociation due the ritual abuse that many have suffered through in their lives. Discrediting the victims is something that people like Christopher Barden, Elizabeth Loftus, Debbie Nathan, and Doug Mesner all specialize in, but since my abuse continued well into adulthood- and I HAVE corroboration from my older sister as to the abuse that was occurring in my father’s household, I am an inconvenient truth that apparently this group will do what it can to keep quiet. What happened here in Omaha is real – and it has NOTHING to do with “satanic panic” as it happened in 87′ and the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad wasn’t formed until 92′- beyond the scope of what they are predestined to embrace simply because we are decades of history later.

I don’t appreciate being duped. Nor does Amazon- from the impression I got today, so keep it up guys- you are doing some marvelous work in burying yourselves.

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