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Dealing with Trolls on the Internet- And My Local Authorities Failure to Investigate Crimes Against Kids I have certainly been a target for criticism online for years now- generally from people acting badly in their anonymity. This has been true for most of the social sites that I have been going to trying to get my family investigated, as I have been accused of trying to make money on a […]

Who Is Argo on Amazon and Why Does it Matter? A Closer Look At the False Memory Foundation

The following post got deleted by Amazon- but I wanted to save it for posterity… In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2013 10:01:25 AM PDT argo says: Felicity, debates don’t threaten me and since you’ve yet to debate points in this book, you will never threaten me. Again, your drivel falls back […]

Why Lucien Greaves, Doug Mesner, author Debbie Nathan, and The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Matters

I was always taught if you control the perception of a thing, you control the thing itself- and this is exactly what this group of pedophile protectors has been doing- controlling the perception of child abuse and child trafficking. Doug Mesner, as Lucien Greaves, has been lying about his identity for years and it is […]

Lucien Greaves, the Satanic temple, 22 Faces, and Facebook- Trying to Connect the Dots

In the 80s and 90s, a group of accused pedophiles enacted a group called the False Memory Foundation and proceeded to manipulate public opinion so that accusations of child abuse and trafficking that were stemming from our daycare centers and children’s institutions were ignored and a countless number of children were left to be abused […]

Survivor Addresses Judy Byington’s (author of 22 Faces) Husband About Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko

Judy Byington’s husband, Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves, I think, has become pretty full of himself of recent. He just turned me into a Satanist – Doug said, “However, I hope to turn that all around for you. By the powers (that you have) invested in me, I now declare you a satanist. You are now a […]

Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner- Child Abuse Protector- Claims to Make Westboro Minister’s Dead Mother Gay- Is this Satanist a Hero? I just wonder how many members of the public know how hard Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner- fights to protect pedophiles and child abusers? How many would herald this man as a hero? He is the leader of the False Memory Pedophile protection squad and has been for years, and by his perverse display of exposing […]

Second Interview with Ellie Fields Regarding DID, Trauma, and Healing This week I was not only joined by Ellie Fields, but also my older sister Kathy, who got her therapy degree and who suffers personally from DID. Some of the topics discussed, other than personal background on my family- was EMDR therapy and it’s effects- what it is like to suffer DID, and what […]

The Fall of the False Memory Foundation and It’s Public Announcement with Its Involvement with Lucien Greaves

Doug Misicko- endorsed spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation, living up to his last name bared his penis for national press and once again got into the Huffington Post and national media, although I am not sure that anyone exactly understands the implications of all of this.  Bringing attention to his satanic sect “the satanic […]

Doug Mesner (Lucien Greaves)- Debbie Nathan- and the False Memory’s Crusade against Child Trauma Trying to completely discredit Satanism by trying to make it out to be a joke- this is just one more attempt by Doug Mesner to try and make a name for himself, desperate though it might be.  However, it is the arguments presented by Mesner and his group in the comment section of […]