Doug Mesner (Lucien Greaves)- Debbie Nathan- and the False Memory’s Crusade against Child Trauma

Trying to completely discredit Satanism by trying to make it out to be a joke- this is just one more attempt by Doug Mesner to try and make a name for himself, desperate though it might be.  However, it is the arguments presented by Mesner and his group in the comment section of Debbie Nathan’s book “Sybil Exposed” on Amazon that I would like to deal with.

I have said over and over that the Satanism that I was forced to endure as a child was connected to “secret” government projects- such as MKUltra, which uncontestably existed.  I mean- even Bill Clinton, as President at the time, offered a pathetic apology to those who suffered through the torture program.  A trauma based program designed to effectively tear a person’s consciousness down through extreme practices involving torture, degradation, and drugs- what has been left out is that many of the subjects of this program were, in fact, children.

Trying to equate the severe trauma of MKUltra and Satanism, which included rape, bestiality, and the murdering of children, with people who believe they have been abducted by aliens, Mesner and his group do anything and everything they can think of to distract and distort the facts of the matter by means of their “skeptic woo woo tactics” which include personal attacks, cyber stalking, and defamation of anyone who would present a different argument than what they would like to present.  Keeping away from people who are REAL Satanists, like Col. Michael Aquino and his REAL sect, Temple of Set, Mesner constantly tries to distract and defame Satanists so that people will discredit the practice as a whole.  Performing outrageous acts to try and gain media attention, his behavior has become as erratic as his arguments against Dissociative Identity Disorder and other afflictions caused by extreme, prolonged trauma.

First claiming that he was making a “mockumentary” on Satanism when he threw a satanic rally for Florida politician Rick Scott, now he has been charged with desecrating a grave, where he believed that no charges would be brought forward since most disagree and dislike Westboro’s practices of intimidation and defamation.  Placing his private parts on a gravestone while having other’s make homosexual spectacles of themselves- it does seem that he had more support with his desecrating a grave than he had at the Scott rally- where it was only he and three young girls present.  Still- all his support comes from young people who obviously don’t have a clue to the real history of government sponsored satanic abuse.

Claiming that neither Satanism nor DID is valid and real, he tries to make a joke out of trauma, child abuse, and Satanism by performing more and more outrageous behavior in hopes that the media will help fuel his crusade to save mankind from evil therapists who are hell bent in their attempts to create horrible and false memories in their clients.  Of course, no one has been able to PROVE that people can cause false memories, but they HAVE been able to determine that trauma based mind control programs did, in fact, EXIST, and that severe and prolonged trauma has terrible effects on the psyche.   Doing his best to avoid certain types of arguments that are based on empirical evidence, Mesner and his OWN MENTAL STABILITY could easily be questioned by his behavior, as the man seems to live in a fantasy world that discredits child abuse and the effects of trauma and promotes people like Debbie Nathan- who has said that our nation is too “hysterical” when it comes to adults having sex with children and believes that the age of discretion needs to be lowered- I guess because she believes that adults having sex with children in not only normal- but natural.

Fighting for groups like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, whose beliefs have been disproved over and over again, he takes issue with being called a “pedophile protector” although the False Memory Foundation was designed and built by a group of accused pedophiles in order to protect other pedophiles from prosecution.  Claiming that sex with children is “normal”, leaders such as Nathan have made it quite clear what the FMF intentions are, although none of them want to be held accountable publically for their convictions.  And so we have this distraction campaign fueled by our media for people such as Mesner- who does what he can to discombobulate the arguments against pedophilia and discredit those of us who have suffered severe abuse at the hands of the American government by means of the MKUltra experiments that have taken place.  Arguing that this kind of trauma is ALWAYS false, Mesner and his group does what it can to ingratiate themselves into every argument that would suggest otherwise, doing whatever they can to get themselves on TV and into the media with whatever outrageous stunts they can think of.  If that means placing his private parts on a gravestone- then so be it.  Desecrating himself most of all, the boy is a buffoon who, in my estimation, should stop fighting against the psychiatric community and embrace the fact that he desperately needs therapy, as does anyone who would follow him.westboro4


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