The Fall of the False Memory Foundation and It’s Public Announcement with Its Involvement with Lucien Greaves

Doug Misicko- endorsed spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation, living up to his last name bared his penis for national press and once again got into the Huffington Post and national media, although I am not sure that anyone exactly understands the implications of all of this.  Bringing attention to his satanic sect “the satanic temple”, he exemplifies the behaviors of exactly what the False Memory foundation has attested for decades didn’t exist, and is certainly not the type of person you want anywhere near your children- judging by his website for his satanic temple thingy.

Claiming that what he is doing is satirical- as the spokesperson for the False Memory foundation- it is yet ANOTHER example of how out of control this group of pedophile protectors are.  In fact, it would be my opinion that it is this group at the foundation of our problem with child abuse and trafficking- as this is a group developed by a group accused of pedophilia who fight victims to protect their abusers- while calling it something else completely.  Claiming it was therapists implanting memories into clients in the 80s- they are holding steadfast to this completely ludicrous claim even though millions of people are seeking out therapists for help with our increasingly psychologically taxing lives- all the while fellow leaders of the FMF such as Debbie Nathan are saying that our nation is too hysterical when it comes to adults having sex with children and that we need to relax our laws on such things.  Of course- it’s past connection to NAMBLA- the North American man boy love association, would explain the fundamental belief systems this group was formed from.  Now their spokesperson is celebrating gross public displays of exposing himself through the media- who REPEATEDLY reports on this moron, and the public is …what, supposed to be entertained?

I believe, in my dealings with Doug Mesner/Misicko-(or Lucien Greaves, and whatever other names and aliases he has), that he is somehow psychologically off.  Proving himself to be a cyber-stalker, a practicing Satanist, and a man with NO limits- he is a loose cannon in so many ways that it ends up scaring anyone who comes against him.  Angry- biting, and aggressive, he fits the pattern of an abused child, and judging by his past interview he had with himself- not quite right, if you know what I mean.  Highly intelligent- he claims that what he is doing is satirical- but going against the social morays we have concerning morality and ethics, he also claims that his display with his penis on the dead wife of the Westboro Church minister’s headstone was some declaration about the separation of church and state.  Me- it just seemed like a desperate cry for attention, and I think that he is nothing but a little toy of the False Memory foundation- who would, of course- protecting pedophiles, would find such broken souls such as Mesner/Misicko valuable.  Again- another example of their beliefs and practices- the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad can’t help but show their true colors anymore- and the obvious display from their devil promoting spokesperson is yet another example of how pedophiles like to flaunt themselves.

The strange thing about his website that depicts ugly people in orgies is I wonder if any of these people in his little club have children- and what exactly are their experiences in all of this.  I know that Mesner/Misicko would claim that all the couples are gay- but we all are quite aware that gay people are quite capable of having kids- and I wonder what their experiences are in all of this, if there are some present.  Dismissing claims of the same abuse that he is promoting- it is like some sick little kid flaunting his psychotic tendencies by acting out as a bully and thinking that no one can stand up to him without him throwing a fit, and as such- I would be bereft if I didn’t bring the fact up that there could be children involved with this mess and it has been my personal experience that this is never a healthy or safe place for a child.  Defending pedophiles takes a certain kind of person- and I think we all know what that kind of person is like, and if we don’t- we should.

One last thing.  Mesner/Misicko wants seemingly to take the focus off of the REAL Satanist Col. Michael Aquino, who was fundamentally involved with both MKUltra and complaints of child abuse involving daycares that fueled this so called “satanic panic” although the only people who were panicking were the pedophile Satanists at the time.  No worry- because they have YET to be held accountable for their actions- and Col. Michael Aquino- as far as I am concerned- is a POSTER CHILD of the movement that began this organized group of pedophile protection squads in the 80s and 90s.  One of the REAL leaders of those who truly caused this problem with satanic ritual child abuse by claiming that children who were coming home from their daycares with STDs was somehow involved with therapists and false memories and implanting crap into peoples brains instead of what it was- a SOLID CASE OF CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING- ABDUCTION- RAPE- TORTURE- MURDER- AND PROFIT.  This false memory foundation crap is now defunct in every way morally and ethically PUBLICALLY.  This matters, unless of course- we find the baboon who is showing his tallywacker- as mighty as it can muster, proudly on national tv funny, at which time then we need to take a hard look at ourselves.  This MUST STOP. And the REAL men behind of all of this must, AND WILL, be held accountable.  No one can thwart the will of God.   And Michael- the rules of the this game are the same as always- come clean or be claimed, although we all know what the end result is probably going to be.


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