MIT Says It DID NOT Target Aaron Swartz


This article would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Word on the street is that Aaron Swartz found evidence that a child trafficking ring was involved with MIT, and it was this information and not a bunch of free files that caused the institution and our government to target the boy so hard. Right along with Penn State- it seems that our institutions of higher learning have a plethora of pedophiles they are bent on protecting, probably because most of these people- like Jerry Sandusky- have strong ties to child’s charities and foundations- which is the hunting grounds for such predators.

You also can’t have the offenders investigate themselves- as they will always determine that they are innocent. What MIT just did investigating itself concerning Aaron Swartz is much like ex-FBI man Kenneth Lannings report on cult activity and abuse. The FBI and CIA were HEAVILY INVOLVED with what occurred here in Omaha during the 80’s concerning child trafficking and cult/ritual abuse, and yet they often fall back on Lannings report like it was as sacred as the Bible in decrying that there is no such thing as ritual abuse, although we are starting to see it more and more now a days. Ritual abuse is how victims are kept down, quiet, and complacent and to say that this doesn’t exist is to dismiss the practices that has allowed child trafficking to become so prevalent.


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