*TRIGGER WARNING* Detailed Descriptions of the Abuse that I Endured as a Child: Recently Requested Info by the Michigan State Police

First of all, I am compelled to issue a *sever trigger warning* to anyone who wishes to read this article.  Asked by the Michigan State Police to detail my experiences as a child in the cult so that they may better understand four child murders in their state, I have finally decided to chronicle some of my abuse and explain exactly some of what I remember.  In the past, I have refused to do this- for several reasons.  One, it is incredibly taxing and painful on me, and I have spent a lifetime consciously trying to forget the things that I endured as a child.  The other reason is that I never want to fashion myself a Quentin Tarantino- and the details I am about to relate could be incredible painful and maybe even psychologically damaging as they are going to be hard to hear, let alone comprehend, as they are not only gruesome but are so wrong that they go against the very fabric of humanity.  I am going to share a look into the evil that I grew up with as a kid- as best as I can, and though I am not looking forward to looking back- I think that the time has come for people to understand the implications of what has been going on for a long time now.

Let me begin by explaining why the Oakland Child Killings in Michigan are somehow connected to my father and his friends here in Omaha.  The four children were murdered in 76-77, the EXACT same time I was forced to light a man on fire that came in search of his missing daughter in the beginning of 76.  It is my contention that the powers that be who were behind the events of cult activity, child abductions, and the trafficking of drugs and children here in Omaha were desperate to redirect any attention that might come from it by deflecting it into another state- thus four children ended up ritually murdered in Michigan.  Michigan not only happened to be my father’s home state- but he often flew himself up there in his private plane to visit his family at the time, so he had more than enough knowledge of the area and access to it like many would not have.

Michigan has a strong history of cult activity itself- and not just with four murdered children.  Cathy O’Brien, a “victim” of cult activity and government mind control- although she is discredited in the survivor community- still originated from Michigan.  Also, in the summer of 2006, CNN reported online that a serial killer had been convicted in Michigan, and that police suspected that he was not only involved with some sort of satanic cult, but that he also didn’t work alone.  It was in Michigan that my father was inducted into the cult as a child by his Uncle Phil, who ritually abused my father much like my father ritually abused his kids.

I think that these four children found themselves as sacrifices after they were abducted, but if it is any consolation, the week that they were kept they were treated like kings and queens.  Given an obsessive honor, they were offered the best that life had to offer, all the way to the night of their deaths- where they are often offered their favorite foods.  Bathed in special soaps, they are coddled in such a way that when the rituals and abuse begins, they have a full heart and are caught completely unaware.  The philosophy behind this was that God taught life was Love, and it was a way to thumb their noses at God by sending His chosen back with as much pain as possible- including being raped- tortured, and often sliced and diced into pieces.

There is a big question as to why there is never any blood found- but the reason why is that it was always drained and collected through from the alter into a chalice from which each member of the cult drank.  A person under great torture and pain elicits certain endorphins in the blood that act like an aphrodisiac if drank at the crescendo of the suffering- and ritualistic gang rape always happened to me afterwards.  My sexual abuse during the ceremonies always occurred after the “blood sacrifice” ceremony, but considering that I was being groomed to be a high priest and was forced to not only torture but kill child after child up to the age of 10, it isn’t as if the whole thing wasn’t one incredible long ass nightmare.

This may or may not have been the case with the four murdered children in Michigan, but that is because I believe that these four were MEANT to be found- in order to distract from what was happening in Omaha and probably other places at the time.  Gangs do the same thing for many of the same reasons, and considering the efficient disposal systems in place- the four were obviously found for a REASON.

As a child being groomed to be indoctrinated into the cult, drugs were always a part of it in such a way that it was often hard to distinguish what was real and what was not- thus I find it hard to separate what was satanic cult abuse and MKUltra training, however- since child sacrifice generally always occurred at Hummel Park and the chapel at Forest Lawn Cemetery- I will stick to what happened there for the purpose of this article.

Masks, robes, and disguises were always a part of the rituals and abuse- but the inner cult- who were part of the blood sacrifice- was always a group of twelve men in my abuse.  Orgies were going on down on the huge staircase in Hummel Park with both men and women- but those people were kept from what was happening in the pavilion up the path, not to mention that the staircase was guarded to keep anyone from coming up.

It wasn’t as if women weren’t present during the ritual sacrifices, but they were basically cheerleaders before and then sex partners afterwards.  Feces, and the use of it, was also used in rituals- as anything and everything you could think of was used to defile the image of God.  All of the human sacrifices I was a part of also included cannibalism- as eating the sacrifice was believed to give the person attributes of the sacrifice.  As an adult- I just think it was part of the whole sick paradigm as children watched themselves be sliced and eaten before they are murdered.  Everyone- men and women alike- who were in attendance at the ceremonies partook in eating children alive and smearing the flesh over theirs, as they were always naked under their robes.

Bestiality was also a large part of the abuse- as dogs were often not only tortured and killed, but they were also elicited to rape children as well.  It is all about degradation and the shame that comes from the abuse effectively keeps the victims, such as myself, quiet.

Abducted kids were easy to get at the time, even into my twenties this was true about Omaha- and the prostitution of children- esp. boys- was incredibly prevalent.  However, I only remember pre-pubescent boys being murdered in rituals- although my older sister said that they murdered both boys and girls in her abuse.  However- neither of us remember NOT ONE BABY BEING SACRIFICED, as it was all about drinking the blood- and babies obviously don’t offer enough for twelve coven members to partake.  Also- self-awareness of the sacrifice was necessary- as the pain and fear had to be as intense as you could make it in order to get the proper endorphins.

I know that many of these abducted children were being murdered at the Hollywood Bar in the basement dungeon as victims of snuff films as well- and that afterwards their organs were being harvested.  The crematorium at Forest Lawn was used as a disposal system- burying the remains of children in the graves of legitimate children in Lullaby land- which was meant to be a joke I guess, another thumbs up at God.

Abducting a child didn’t seem to be anything- as generally several people in different cars were involved.  One person grabs the kid- then they are transferred into one or more cars until they just disappear.  Often drugs are used to subdue the children- and a favorite of my father’s was hog tying us- so that could have been involved with the Oakland four.  The nickname for the killer of these four children is “The Babysitter”- because the children were well taken care of in the week before their deaths- but I think that a more apt name is The Babysitter(s), as there was a concentrated group of people who were involved with this at the time.  In many of the abductions in the Midwest during the 80’s and into the 90’s – there are often three vehicles mentioned- a white Oldsmobile, a Ford Station wagon with wood panels, and a big blue utility truck.  My father and stepmother “owned” or, rather, had possession of all three of these vehicles, however – not at the time of the Oakland four killings.  Honestly- being 10 at the time- I don’t remember what my father and his third wife were driving.  However, as I said- my father most likely flew up there and elicited help up in his home state, so the vehicles used wouldn’t have been his.

The Oakland four were not typical cult sacrifices- as I think that though they were done around lunar cycles or pagan/Catholic holidays in order to give the impression that they were REAL cult killings- I think that they were intended more for distraction than real cult sacrifices.  In fact, as I have detailed a bit, the death of all the “normal” victims were much more horrible- and didn’t consist of strangulation or anything like that, although that is not to say that wasn’t a huge part of the abuse, as it was customary for my father to strangle us into unconsciousness as children all the time.  However- again- it was all about the blood and drinking the blood, and I don’t think that the Oakland four were drained.

Other parts of my abuse consisted of being buried alive with a corpse- as well as watching others get buried alive.  This was so orchestrated and done with such precision that there had to be a concerted effort on the part of a group- as neither my father nor his third wife had the capabilities of doing this just by themselves.  Sleep deprivation was a huge part of the abuse as well- as the point was, at least with me, to keep me as worn down and as pliable as possible- and every effort was implemented to keep this going with me.  The ONLY reason I survived I think is because the man I was forced to light on fire in 76’ was not part of my training- and I was NOT drugged during it, and the end result was that it caused a psychotic break in me, forcing outside professionals to get involved.

I guess God works in mysterious ways, and the one thing I have learned- throughout all of this- is that in the end- no one is able to thwart the will of God.

One last thing- much of the drug, gun, and child trafficking was happening through the East Omaha Chapter of the Hells Angels and Dick Bishop.  Connected with Kevin Dobson- that is where much of the drugs were being distributed.  This all happened in my late teens and early twenties, I obviously don’t know how it worked when I was 10.  But if I were to start looking- I might start there.


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