Regarding Yesterday’s Post on Mike Pence

I posted a couple videos made by some guy named Tori without watching them first and I now regret that decision. I was out of sorts yesterday and was seriously considering giving up on this mess- and I didn’t bother viewing the videos I was sent.

I DON’T believe in reptilians or aliens or any of the other stupid shit this guy said. I DO believe Pence is a closeted gay- and I DO believe Trump is a pedophile (as we have seen with Jeffery Epstein he both hangs out with AND DEFENDS pedophiles) and I ALSO BELIEVE chances are Pence is of the same cut of cloth- considering that ” birds of a feather flock together”. But this dude Tori- now that I actually listened what he had to say- sounds like a fricking wacko.

I am sorry for posting this without vetting it first. But I am human and make mistakes- just like everyone else.

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