Franklin Credit and Satanic Ritual Abuse is NOT What I am Trying to Get Investigated

After reading the comments on Hoaxtead Research this morning I feel that I should state for the record that I am NOT trying to have Franklin Credit re-opened.

This Sonya idiot claims she has debunked me- but what I am trying to get investigated is MY FAMILY. And they know absolutely fuck all about my family- which is why they CONTINUOUSLY FOCUS ON ME.

AND IT ISN’T EVEN ME they are focused on but rather their ignorant opinions of who they BELIEVE me to be- which is why Hoaxtead won’t answer THE THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS I have continuously posed to them.

And I do not associate with- nor AM I associated with this group she put me in.

Although I believe Fiona Barnett is a real survivor- from what I have been hearing- I wonder if she isn’t cracking up a bit due to the tremendous pressure. But Arthur, Rupert, and ESP Kevin Annett- are STRAIGHT UP FRAUDS-working directly and indirectly with the other side. They are SO NOT opposed to each other- despite the constant hoopla they insist is between them.

Which is why they are so desperate to try and pigeon hole me with their idiot shills.

My father and step mother murdered children in the sound proof room they built in their laundry room and put their remains in the walls of the master bedroom closet. WHY this is dependent on anything else- esp. with what happened in the 80s- has NEVER BEEN adequately explained to me. But OBVIOUSLY this group believes my accusations have merit- because if I was as full of bullshit as they claim- they would not have obsessively fought with me- making videos and writing articles trying to personally discredit me- as they have done for YEARS now…

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