Hoaxtead’s Constant Droning About Hampstead

Yeah- Hoaxtead, the UK government- and all those surrounding those poor abused children were ALL involved with this mess. But let me point something out…

Hampstead was SO NOT first. Melanie Shaw- Holly Greig- and most notably Shirley Oaks (which has HUNDREDS of victims)- along with all the others- THESE were the FIRST CASES the second time around this shit has hit the UK.

And Hoaxtead is trying to use Hampstead to SHUT THEM ALL DOWN.

And notice how they FAIL to answer three simple questions. And they hid it all LAST TIME- so why would anyone believe they aren’t trying to do the SAME THING this time around?

And I don’t think Sabine had FUCK ALL to do with any of these cases- ESP. Shirley Oaks.

But I am sure that Hoaxtead will claim that the HUNDREDS of victims who were raped in that children’s home are all attention seeking liars.

Of course Hoaxtead is the ONLY GROUP constantly bragging about how many have looked at their blog- so with that in consideration- who is obsessed with attention? Lol

https://www.hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/prelude-to-a-hoax-how-sabine- warmed-up-her-audience/

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