A Captive Night on Franklinfiles.net

CaptM: well, I sure wouldnt raise someone up that has threatened sexual violence to others in pm’s
Looking2: You’re telling me David Shurter has threatened to sexually abuse others?
CaptM: I think I was clear


There is also this assertion that I need to be heavily medicated, which I think would surprise both my therapist and my psychiatrist- who have determined that what I need is a small anti-depressant dosage, which helps take off the edge of my irritability. Why am I irritated? Because the arguments presented on the web concerning me are nothing but a smear campaign trying to discredit me. Connected to my sister Cindy’s family- they will do whatever they can to dig up dirt on me. Of course they are barking up the wrong tree there- as they will find that the stories change at will, and it is my intention to make ISSUE with this whole situation, since it has once again surfaced in Franklinfiles.net
As far as Noreen’s issues with me- other than she thinks I am crazy- although I think that it is being suggested that I made sexual threats to her is just weird to me- but whatever. This side will say whatever it has to do to try and discredit me in any way that it can- instead of dealing with the issues that I present in my book. The other issue is my spiritual practice so I will try to spell it out quickly.

I am a practicing shaman- I DO NOT go to a shaman. I do not get my past from my journeys- and no one who reads my book will believe that my experiences all came from the outer realm. In fact- the info in boxes wasn’t written by me but rather an independent source that included the newspaper articles and documentation apart from any of my influence. As you can listen on my Talkshoe program with my interview with “jim”- anyone who was gay COULDN’T HELP but be part of Alan Baer and Larry Kings network- Proving my point that those who were involved with the investigation LEFT THIS OUT ON PURPOSE. There can be no other reason.

Looking3: Do you believe there are people paid to go on conspiracy themed forums and basically spout ridicule against those who provide info on real conspiracies?

Hmmm, I wonder- lol.

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