The Reason for the Fallout Between Me and Noreen Gosch/

Unable to help talking about me even though I am banned and can not defend myself, I wanted to deal with some of the things that have been said about me today on

Iowagurl,(Maureen gummert)…: I have never called David a single name and he had full license on this forum untill he went beserk on a long time member

This is true- but Maureen- as the web owner- has allowed everyone and anyone to criticize and trash me unabated- while I get shut down and kept quiet. However, this was not Maureen’s site to begin with- but rather the owner was a woman by the named of Rachel Bengly. SHE- as the owner of the site- personally attacked me- called me a pedophile- got my mine and my families social security numbers from my niece and gave them over the chat to Lukej/Noreen Gosch, have threatened me and accused me of being involved with murderers. I have had to call the police on this site NUMBEROUS times, esp. when I was told that I was going to be made to disappear on the site- all of which I have copies of.

Iowagurl/Marueen Gummert: David cannot blame Noreen for his ban and what person here, even if they do not like Mrs Gosch would publically accuse her of selling her son

Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert: which is what started this whole mess, lets not forget that

What started this was because I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT NOREEN GOSCH IS THE VICTIM SHE PRESENTS HERSELF TO BE. She has told me and others that her ex husband was involved with their son’s abduction- and then gets all angry when people wonder if she could have also been a part of it. The whole rift in this matter BEGAN actually when I started to question Paul Bonnaci- which is the whole connection for Noreen into the Franklin Scandal. It wasn’t that I accused Noreen of being involved with selling her son- which I DO BELIEVE FOR THE RECORD, but rather I began to believe that Paul Bonnaci was liar- in that he could tell you DETAILS about the Johnny Gosch case but can’t tell ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE about his own home town- where all of this was taking place. It was when I began to doubt Paul that Noreen suddenly took issue with me- which again- I HAVE COPIES OF.

CaptM: I think anybody that threatens sexual violence to another should be banned also
Looking1: CaptM – did you actually see David threaten anyone with sexual violence? Or is that simply what someone has told you?
CaptM: yes, I saw his message
Looking1: Is it saved somewhere?
Looking1: Yes, if it exists I will ask him about it myself
Looking1: My understanding is that someone claimed he threatened such a thing, but that he never did so.
CaptM: it is private, sorry, will not show any content
Looking1: IG, have you seen it?
CaptM: I am the only one that can verify.
Looking1: well then, you can understand how that can be questioned as valid, can you not?

This is just complete and utter bullshit from a member who HAS threatened me on line before- as well as ridiculing me as well. He has this proof that I threatened sexual violence on someone but can’t show the conversation- and that is because there isn’t any proof that such an argument exists because it NEVER HAPPENED. However, for Captn, he just says whatever sounds good.

Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert: and as I stated. David had free license since i took ownership of the site until the Marko incident which I believe was in September
Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert: David and NOreens fallout happened several years ago and David needs to move on
Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert: the discussion with Geo about the split of this forum with Nick bryant, whch happened 18 months ago was the catylyst of Davids accusation toward Noreen and her “selling: Johnny, how is that ok

the Marko incident is basically when I had the chance to defend myself against accusations of rape against me. and people like Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert feel I should just take what is dealt to me and be happy that they didn’t do worse. I have had my privacy violated- I have been trashed verbally and in every way they could do damage to my reputation. These RANTS I go on- the only reason they call them rants is because I keep saying the same things over and over and over until someone starts to listen. Slowly that is happening.

And lastly- my favorite…

Iowagurl/Maureen Gummert: David sends his blog posts via email to everyone from CBS to the Nevada Iowa police department

True- but that is not what bothers them. What bothers them is that last night- when Capt accused me of making terroristic threats to rape people= I turned it into the police, specifically cold case detective John Pankonin. I mean- if I am threatening to rape people- that IS A SERIOUS CRIME AND THE ALLEGATIONS MUST BE LOOKED INTO. That is my opinion anyway.


6:46 PM (9 minutes ago)

to me, Deputy
Lol! Nuff said?

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SO I REPLIED……to Maureen, Deputy,

Not at all Maureen. And Deputy John isn’t working with me sweetie- I just send him this stuff cause he is a cop and he has responsibilities to the public.

But I tell ya what- I will finally sit down and start uploading all the info i have on my site. Once people see- like Deputy John here- that things aren’t quite how you make it out to be- then I think we might get some discussion from this. But since I have been threaten, lied about, called a pedophile- accused of making terroristic threats of rape, had my social security number and my famlies put over chat- and all over your defense of Noreen- which anyone who comes into the chat will see.

But I find it interesting that you contacted the police man today. lol Nuff said?


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