Suddenly- After Mentioning Paul Bonnaci’s Name- He Shows up In

Looking2: Have you not called David crazy, Paul?

PAUL: No I have not

Looking2: And for your information, LukeJ has mocked David’s religion

Looking2: Paul, you called him crazy last time you were in this chat

Looking2: IG even had to tell you not to continue doing it

PAUL: No he has not… After David’sviolent attacks, Luke has stated that David has had mental break downs due to not staying on his medication

Looking2: I read it myself Paul. Actually I have copied and saved what it was LukeJ said about David. I will post it here if you or anyone else feels it is necessary

PAUL: Looking… I believe you are crazy and obsessed with “nothing and everything”.

Looking2: And there you go

Looking2: calling more people crazy

PAUL: and you with your constant attacks on Noreen? What is that

Looking2: constant attacks?

PAUL: in the past few days

Looking2: I made my thoughts known. And since then the only discussion I have had about it is in response to others addressing me about what I said

PAUL: you started the whole deal… Looking … a few days ago, the others only responded to your attacks on Noreen…LOL you need to go back and read what you wrote a few day ago which touched off this whole thing

PAUL: That is when this began

PAUL: And yes people called you out on it

PAUL: It was in chat for anyone to read

Looking2: I didn’t attack Noreen – you don’t realize how sensitive you guys are regarding certain things

Looking2: Yes, and I encourage everyone to read it

Okay- now for my thoughts on this. Correct me if I am wrong but ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS CONCERNING CHILD ABUSE GOT DISMISSED AFTER PAUL BONNACI’S PERFORMANCE- which can be seen in the British documentary Conspiracy of Silence on YouTube. The fact that this man is calling ANYONE crazy after what his mental state did to all of the child abuse allegations, (getting them ALL dismissed), is just funny to me. He was just too unstable to be believed- and this was OTHERS determination- not mine.

As far as “violent attacks” on Noreen- God I get sick of her being the only victim in all this. Noreen considers anyone who questions her load of bullshit an attack- and yet she can verbally attack anyone she deems a threat- which is anyone who doesn’t go along with her. As Paul said…. PAUL: No he has not… After David’sviolent attacks, Luke has stated that David has had mental break downs due to not staying on his medication… so my question is- how does a woman who has ONLY MET ME ONCE know anything about my personal life? She is telling people that I am heavily medicated- how would she know? Since I am NOT- my contention is that she is just saying this to try and discredit anyone from listening to me. She and the Franklin crew consider anyone who isn’t far up Noreen’s butt to be crazy-and anyone who would ask any questions is “attacking”.

This all started for me not with attacking Noreen- but deciding that Paul Bonnoci is a complete and utter liar- as I knew Troy Boner to be, (knowing him personally). My belief is that Troy and Paul surrounded Alisha Owen in order to screw with her and quiet her- since she was CARRYING EX POLICE CHIEF ROBERT WADMAN’S BABY AS A MINOR. But for the record, I don’t and never did think that Paul was crazy- I think that he is a LIAR AND AN ACTOR.

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