Sent to Me this Morning about the Hoopla of Noreen/Johnny Gosch situation

“I’m starting to get to a point where I’m not sure what to believe anymore.

I try to keep in mind that some of these people (yourself included) are victims of all of this. With that being the case I try to realize I can’t possibly put myself in any of your shoes and attempt to understand the manner in which some victims prefer to handle all of this.

I’ve said before I may not agree with your stance on everything, but at the same time your approach to all of this in terms of speaking out about it seems to be the most commendable one. It seems to me that you continually search for and attempt to provide as much info as possible. You do so without playing this “game of secrets” that seems to exist amongst other victims.

Now I realize it is easy for me to sit here and ask why wouldn’t all the victims – especially the known victims – come out, work together, and do everything they can to shed as much light on this issue to the general public as possible.

Why wouldn’t Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owen, Eulice Washington, yourself and any others known to be victims (that I am not aware of) gather together as one voice that presses on so loudly people will be forced to report on your story one way or another?

In that regard I have a hard time understanding why a majority of you can’t come together in some manner and make your story known on a more national level. I realize the mainstream media and news outlets are controlled and even involved in the cover-up and/or pedophilia crimes themselves, but I would like to think there is some way the victims could still gather together and make this all known on a more mainstream level.

But then again, that may simply be frustration on my part because in truth I know it isn’t nearly as simple as I attempt to make it sound.

Nonetheless, I still have a hard time understanding why Noreen and her “team” wouldn’t come forth with as much info as possible. The same with Paul Bonacci and others.

If they want to put all of this behind them as best as possible for the sake of the own well being and to proceed on with the rest of their life in as much of a “normal” and happy state as they possibly can then by all means they have the right to do so.

When they try to hold that approach, however, while at the same time making little statements here and there on a scale that only reaches those who really attempt to follow this whole mess as much as possible (rather than reaching the masses) it becomes a matter of actions which stand in contrast to one another.

In regards to Johnny Gosch, he seems to be the only one amongst them who holds true to that. Assuming he is alive – like many claim – at least the word that comes out about him is that he has no desire to be in the spotlight, tell his story, and deal with everything that would follow if he ever did so.

And in that regard he seems to follow through with all of that. He doesn’t make that claim only to then pop on the scene here and there and then bemoan the fact people discuss the statements he makes. That I can understand.

What seems a bit odder though is that in kowing that is what Johnny wants why does his mother continue to press on with the case when she apparently knows full well her son apparently prefers it to all be left in the past?

But then again, as his mother – and apparently having had communications with him in the past if not still to this very day – I would have to assume she knows more about how he feels regarding the manner she proceeds with all of this then I do.

You seem to be the only person I am currently aware of willing to say something about all of this while at the same time realizing once you bring your story to the public it then becomes fair game for the public to comment on what you have to say – whether it be in favor of or against you.

No matter how much any victim may desire the public to see things “their way” it is something they will never be able to control. Noreen Gosch seems to have a very difficult time in understanding that reality.”

And My reply to this today… what you will find is that most of them are liars. that is why they don’t like to be asked about anything. It is hard to keep up on the lies. And the whole change to is due to the fact that I have been using it for my blog. This vow of secrecy for them is more telling than anything.

Johnny Gosch is long dead. Ever heard anything about him from anyone other than Noreen and Paul? In 30 yrs? Wow- that is some hiding dont you think? no credit- no way of living- NO EVEN A JOB BEING REPORTED TO SOCIAL SECURITY. That is some deep hiding. Wonder- all these people who ‘help” him and NO ONE IS COMING FORWARD OR HAS. Wow- ever hear of a such a story like that? I havent.

take Paul B. out of the mix- and then explain to me exactly how an abduction in West Des Moines IA takes precedence over what occurred here in Omaha. It shouldnt- but since the great and powerful Paul B. says it is so- well then, we should just take him at his word.

Whatever those dumbfucks do in doesnt matter to me in the least. But they cant HELP but give me stuff for my blog- which has about 150 people hitting it a day from all over the world.

I dont mean to be rude but I am an asshole and could care less about making friends with all of this. i have a great deal many friends- I dont need some names on my computer screen to express desire for me. So- with that- I will continue to do what I am doing and fuck anyone who doesn’t like it. (Excuse my profanity but come on- enough is enough and I have definitely had enough).

Then I Recieved this from a Completely Different Person… Showing me that I am not alone in my feelings….

The political machinations behind the scenes were, and are, the drivers of this story. I know DeCamp wants everyone to believe that he somehow stumbled into this sordid affair and because he is a man of conscience, he tried to obtain justice. None of that is true, and DeCamp admits as much in his updated account of the story. The Franklin Affair was handed to John DeCamp after the matter was thoroughly vetted by individuals with ties to the Intelligence Community. The primary source of information was a man who funneled things through the Lyndon Larouche organization. DeCamp found nothing. DeCamp won nothing for the victims. DeCamp received a seat in the NE Senate and some brief celebrity for his troubles.

What does the Lyndon Larouche Organization do? What are they? They are a political organization. Since the children/victims did not find justice, who (besides DeCamp) benefitted from exposing what was happening in this regard? Those questions are the ones that need to be answered in order to figure out the power structure behind these crimes.

As for Noreen Gosch. I suspect she is unable to live with her ghosts and unable to reconcile what happened. The only way for her to feel relevant is to have the attention focused on her. I believe this became about Noreen a long time ago. I believe this is what makes Noreen feel important: like she is cared about. Once this fades away and no one looks/asks any more she will feel irrelevant. Can you think of anything worse than that?

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