So what is My Objective?

I get asked this quite a bit, and so I figure that I should give some explanation as to what my objectives are in all of this that I am doing. Despite what others are saying about me bringing chaos to the situation, I am merely trying to get to the truth of what happened here. Why? Well, that is somewhat complicated.

I guess the most compelling aspect of all of this actually deals with one of the things I am being criticized the most about, and that deals with my spiritual convictions. You see, my father tried to come clean before he died and no one listened to him, so consequently, it became my responsibility- as I believe that the sins of the father fall upon the shoulders of the son. No one I know of has spoken about the things that I know to be true- and so therefore- since I am the only one talking freely about what REALLY happened in Omaha concerning the people who were also involved with Franklin Credit Union, I feel it is my responsibility to keep speaking out until people start to listen. How long is long enough and what determines success for me remains to be determined, however- I figure that if God wants me to spend a lifetime trying to expose this in order to bring light to the truth of what is running and directing our nation’s problems with child and human trafficking- then so be it.

Remembering is not always easy, and sometimes it takes me time to remember the names of people who were heavily involved, not because I have a problem with repression, but because we are talking thirty years back, and it is not always easy to recall specifics on events so old. However, I think that events in Omaha could be more connected to Penn State than anyone suspects right now- and it is my feeling that in all probability the same people who were involved here in Omaha could be involved with this case of child trafficking as well, so I feel obligated to keep rehashing the past in order to explain what was happening here in detail. Not because I am obsessed or anything, or that I am really looking for anything particular other than having my side at least considered- but rather, I feel a responsibility to this whole thing, esp. coming from where I do in all of this, not only to my father but, more importantly, to God. Evil prospers when good men do nothing, and in the end, we all have to answer to God for our actions and I have no intention of offering excuses to God; so therefore, I will do what I feel I must.

It took me a few days to recall this name- but I have been asked about the pornography that was being made in Omaha, and it occurred to me that not only was my brother Stephen involved in the snuff films at the Hollywood- but our family- and esp. Alan Baer- were connected with a woman in town named Nancy Bounds, who used to run a modeling agency here in town. In league with Alan, she was an oversexed, dark haired power-hungry woman who smoked incessantly- often making overt sexual advances on the clients Alan referred to her- all the while promising them a career as a model- or at least that was my personal experience with the woman. It was always promises of “Eden” that were given to get those involved who couldn’t be blackmailed, gotten into drugs, or prostitution. Nancy Bounds and her school for modeling was a front for much of what was going on here concerning the child pornography that was being manufactured here. Just as the old Godfather’s Pizza downtown was referred to as “the candy shop” as boys were paraded around and bought in the basement of the establishment under the guise of Stars Eatery, and how all the drugs and kids were trafficked in the basement bar of the French Cafe once called the Underground, and in what used to be a back room in the Antiquarium bookstore. I believe these things still matter because the truth still remains to be reached concerning all of the events that were happening here in this small town.

Why do I think that the spider web has extended into Penn State? Well, the same people dealt with each other in each instance, like Joe Paterno at the same ball that Larry King sang at for George Bush Sr.- and does anyone believe that all of these people risked their careers over ONE pedophile? The thought is ludicrous. Besides- look at Houston Texas during the same time of Franklin. There was a doctor who came out trying to expose the pedophilia that was happening at the time concerning young boys and such- but he “committed suicide” during his crusade and it was dropped- but this was happening in the late 80s- the same time that Franklin was going down. I think that this picture is MUCH BIGGER than any of us have an idea of- and though it can be contested whether it is the government, the Illuminati, the Freemasons- whatever- the point is that there is BIG MONEY in the selling of children for sex- and someone is making an untold amount of money off it. And the only way to stop it is to expose it, which is the reason why I won’t stop.

I am also always asked about proof. I believe it exists- in the form of satanically based child porn pictures that were obtained with the arrest and conviction of Larry King in Ocean City Maryland (not the same one involved with Franklin, but coincidentally a man with the same name). It is my personal belief that since my brother resided in Ocean City Maryland- which is were he died- that collection of pictures discovered two years after his death could be the very collection my brother always kept with him. It is definitely a coincidence that Larry King had in his possession the very type of pictures I KNOW my brother had, and they lived in the same town. I guess it is the timing that bothers me the most. But this is also part of the puzzle that I would like to figure out.

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