Alisha Owen and Her Involvement with John DeCamp

I believe that Alisha is truly the only victim out of what I call the famous three with concerns to the Franklin fiasco- Paul Bonnaci, Troy Boner, and Alisha Owen. I knew Troy personally- and knew him to be a pathological liar, as well as being heavily involved with Alan Baer as one of his main “Baer boys”. I have always thought that these two- Troy and Paul- surrounded Alisha in order to quiet her- as she was the key to breaking all this years ago when she was carrying ex Omaha chief of police Robert Wadman’s baby as a minor. I think that Paul and Troy effectively played this girl in order to make her out to be a liar by being so out there themselves. I mean, historically it was Paul’s testimony to the Grand Jury that got ALL OF THE CHILD ABUSE COMPLAINTS DROPPED.

I have spoken with Alisha personally online and I think that it would behoove people to know that she despises John DeCamp and this belief that DeCamp was her hero is not an idea that Alisha adheres too. No, in fact she thinks that John DeCamp just took her money and then left her in the lurch. The ONLY TWO who have benefited from this mess is John DeCamp- and Paul Bonnaci- who won a million dollar suit. Whether he claimed a dime of that money is beside the point- the fact that these two are the only two who have benefited from this mess says a lot in my opinion.

Historically- everyone who came forward trying to expose this have ended up dead- like the prosecuting attorney Gary Caradori who had his plane blown up over Robert Wadman’s new jurisdiction in Illinois after Wadman left Omaha. I guess it is just a coincidence that Caradori’s plane disintegrated right over the place that one of the VERY PEOPLE HE WAS INVESTIGATING was employed as a police officer, allowing Wadman to be one of the first people on the site. No one who has a brain can bypass the specifics of this case- and it all boils down to one big cover up- by some of the people who are suppose to be CHAMPIONS FOR THE CAUSE.

The tales of Johnny Gosch have done quite a bit to distract people from what was going on in Omaha, but other than Paul, DeCamp, and Noreen Gosch- who has had contact with Johnny? No one that I know of- people think he is alive because these three say he is- and ONLY these three. Why would they continue this facade you ask? Because there is no statute of limitations on murder- and if it is discovered that Johnny Gosch is in fact deceased- these three are going to have A LOT of questions to answer. That is why I believe this whole fall out with Nick Bryant and Noreen Gosch- even though it happened 18 months ago- is relevant. He wanted to flush out Johnny- and of course the Gosch camp can’t allow that- as I believe there is no Johnny to flush out.

Last night the main people on all said that they have been threatened over their involvement with the site. I think that this is bogus- and it makes them seem different than I have found them to truly be. They have done their absolute best to promote Noreen Gosch’s campaign and will openly attack ANYONE who speaks out against what they are saying. is nothing more than a “sponge site” obtaining info from real victims in order to intimidate, trash, and ultimately quiet anyone who would speak out against the official stories presented by John DeCamp, Noreen Gosch, and Paul Bonnaci. This site is a testament to the fact that the propaganda machine is up and running smoothly in order to dictate and try to determine the course of this investigation.

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