A Word About Franklinfiles.net

I agree with the moderator of the site, Iowagurl- that there has been a lot of water under the bridge- but I wish to explain my side- since I am, once again, banned from the site.

On the site- while I was banned before- my sister Cindy’s oldest son Mark went on and accused me of raping him and his brothers. None of this was true- but I when I made the comment that it showed that all was not right in the house in Graettinger, it suddenly switched to me raping three DIFFERENT boys in a corn silo. When it dawned on them exactly what a corn silo was, the story then changed to say that I raped three boys in Minnesota. Either way- Mark kept insisting that I should be ignored because I was supposedly a pedophile. ALL OF THIS occurred on Franklinfiles.net and I have copies of the whole conversation.

Last night- Iowagurl told people that I got banned because of an argument I had with a member named MarkO- whom I believe is my nephew once again. It is true that I was harsh in the conversation- and that I got personal- but you have to understand- this guy has done nothing but start crap for me- and the lies that pour out of this idiot’s mouth are not only numerous- but they also generally don’t make any sense. My sister’s kids fought me in order to keep their father from being investigated with regards to my sister Cindy’s death- as it is an undeniable fact that Adult Protection Services were involved because my sister was telling people- including her doctors and nurses that her husband and oldest daughter were planning on murdering her. However, in our conversation a while back- I expressed my pleasure that my sister’s widow is now dead and, thus, the kids have lost the meal ticket they were fighting so hard for. To say that I despise my sister Cindy’s children is an understatement- and no one who has had any dealings with this group has walked away impressed.

I also have Noreen Gosch on Franklinfiles.net constantly calling me crazy- trying her hardest to trash me by bringing up my spiritual practice and the fact that I am on medication from my experiences as a child. However- she doesn’t go on as Noreen- but rather someone by the name of Lukej- who, again- last night- it was brought up by yet another member that these two- Noreen and Lukej- are the same person (Noreen Gosch herself). Iowagurl will go on and on about how her site is for victims to come forward- and I believe that- but I think that it is actually to find and trash anyone who stands against the official story that Noreen Gosch, John DeCamp, and Paul Bonnaci have given. Franklinfiles is a site DEDICATED to Noreen and her story- and anyone who stands against that generally finds themselves banned eventually.

I do have to admit that I appreciate that Iowagurl has done her best to keep my name off the site- although she couldn’t help herself yesterday after what I posted on my blog. Anyone who stands against the official story of Franklin will find themselves out of place on the site- as it is a tribute to those who I believe are distractions from the real truth as to what was happening here in Omaha. I don’t mind being banned from the site- I have enough people checking on it for me that I am able to keep abreast as to what is being said- and as Iowagurl pointed out- I not only respond through my “world-wide email list”, which Iowagurl is on, but I am good at posting it on my blog and other social media sites.

However, I couldn’t let yesterday’s conversation in the chat on the site go without saying something in my own defense, since I admittedly send people to the site to check it out. I have been trashed repeatedly on the site- more so than anyone else I believe. In fact- they have recently deemed me “he who must not be named” (their words- not mine). As you can tell by this posting, that same is not true for me- I’ll talk about whoever I feel is necessary to bring up in this mess. And like it was commented on in the chat last night- regardless of what these people do or say- it DOES say something that I post EVERYTHING under my name and take responsibility for all of it. Unlike Noreen Gosch- who hides under the name Lukej so that she can openly trash anyone she feels disagrees with her without having to take responsibility for it.

A child abduction that occurred in West Des Moines, IA has no business being wrapped up in what was happening here in Omaha- and yet- for 30 years the public has been entertained with implausible stories coming from the Gosch camp, a distraction from the real truth of exactly what was occurring here in Nebraska. When looked at with a critical eye- very little of it makes any sense. And it is this belief that has REALLY gotten me banned from Franklinfiles.net- rather than any argument I have had with fellow members.

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