The Fallout Between Noreen Gosch and Nick Bryant- Author of “The Franklin Scandal”

From what I understand, the honeymoon is over concerning these two camps- and I would like to take a minute to throw in my own two cents- since I have had personal experiences with both Noreen Gosch and Nick Bryant. It is and has been my contention that an abduction that occurred in West Des Moines, IA should have nothing to do with the events that surrounded a failed savings and loan in another state, and this fall out is just another example as to why.

Simply put- Nick Bryant, for his own personal gain, tried to flush out the abducted Johnny Gosch out from hiding on Indian Reservations, much to Noreen Gosch’s dismay- who basically threw a fit (like usual) and cut off all contact, even though Nick Bryant’s upcoming documentary has everything to do with the Johnny Gosch kidnapping in relation to events that played out here in Omaha. Well, sort of. Most of the info is mumbo jumbo bogus info designed to muddle the waters and make it as unbelievable as possible, or at least judging from his book- which is just another rendition of a book that was written years previously by an ex Nebraska senator by the name of John DeCamp simply named “The Franklin Cover-Up”.

Personally- I don’t think that there is a Johnny to flush out from hiding- as the only one that has supposed contact with him is Noreen Gosch- and to say that she has ulterior motives for doing so is putting it lightly. I think that Johnny WAS sold- as Noreen suggests in her book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” with her conversations about her husband taking a “Noreen Gosch double” to John DeCamp’s office. She has told me that she believes her ex-husband sold Johnny, whereas I wonder if both parents weren’t in the deal- and now, considering that Noreen has based her entire life on her son’s disappearance, certainly she has more to lose at this point if it was determined that Johnny Gosch is , in fact, deceased, than anyone else around.

All of the stories surrounding Johnny Gosch surviving his ordeal come from the same camp- Noreen Gosch, John DeCamp, Paul Bonnaci, some guy named Jimmy, and someone named Lukej on who I believe is Noreen herself, (an assertion I am not alone in making, as recently as in the past couple of weeks, when it was suggested the same thing by yet another member of Franklinfiles). No one else has reported the man to be alive- nor is there anyone but this group who can confirm the stories that have been told, as they have ONLY originated from this camp. No one else- in 30 years- has come forward claiming any knowledge. Noreen will claim that I don’t know what her side knows- but then- that is a constant for anyone asking detailed questions. Put another way- the Gosch camp simply is just not talking- to me or anyone else.

I think that there is a reason why the Gosch case has been so intertwined with the Franklin Case, and that it has been for smoke and mirrors to keep those who would seek the truth enamored with the media presentations from Gosch, DeCamp, and Bonnaci in order to prevent anyone from looking further. From actually discovering the truth- and that truth being that those who have presented themselves as Leaders for the Cause are anything but. In fact, I think that this group has done more to deter the truth from reaching the public than any other group associated with Franklin at this time. However, now that the camps seem to be dividing, perhaps the truth will have a chance to come out this time. God knows it is time.

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