Some Thoughts for the T.I. Community (Targeted Individuals)

I have just recently discovered a community of people who have been targeted by our government for whatever reason, and I wanted to express some thoughts as a newcomer to the scene. Describing scenarios that involve not only being tortured by remote sonic and microwave weapons, they also speak about gang stalking which is used to intimidate and scare people. Gang stalking is stalking by an organized group of people who make their presence known in a systematic manner so that the person being stalked is intimidated in such a way that the victims are encouraged to isolate themselves. Although I have had several stalkers in my life, I have not experienced gang stalking personally- so I can’t speak much on it- although I do have a public history of being attacked by the weaponry that are described as “non-lethal weapons” (although that is, in my opinion, an outright lie.). Although the T.I. community is aware of what is going on concerning the particulars of the harassment- there seems to be some serious lacking as to the knowledge as to WHY it is happening, and that is what I wish to discuss.

I have recently heard a lot of nonsense about an alien lizard invasion (no lie) being the cause of such harassment, and have been highly criticized for my take on as to why this is REALLY occurring with people in America- which has a lot to do with the government and the CIA as well as with members of a satanic sect called Temple of Set, most notably the founder- Col. Michael Aquino. My reasons for this is due to the documented history, such as our nation’s past problem with “satanic panic”, the creation and uprising of the False Memory Foundation, and Aquino’s paper on the very weaponry that is being used against us- entitled “From Psyop to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory”. Personally- I think that the whole “lizard people invasion” comes from government “plants” who wish to make the T.I. community look like it is just a bunch of crazy loners who are paranoid schizophrenics (which is far from the truth). Even Aquino uses the approach of dismissing his detractors- such as Diane Napolis- by stating that she is accusing him not of worshiping Satan and committing atrocities as a result, but rather that he is abducting people for aliens- and that he takes them to some alien ship. Lunacy presented in such a way as to detract from his accusers- let it be known that I DO NOT have aliens or any alien abductions in my past- although there were a PLETHORA of murders- not only little boys but adults as well.

Aquino is key to this, not only because of his history as the founder of Temple of Set, but because of his prestigious military record complete with a background in psych ops and mind control, as well as his claims that he was head of the NSA while in the military. He developed new and improved ways to torture and break people- and that was what his entire career has been about. He has written papers and books detailing the weaponry that is being used on every day citizens- (the common link between all of them is that most are bright, intelligent, and outspoken about governmental injustices), as he did in his paper From Psyop to Mindwar, and explains, in many ways, how these are used to break and control individuals, which was one of the main factors in his career. Linking himself to programs that are directly correlated to the MKUltra project (although no longer called by that name), the existence of these programs are undeniable- as even Bill Clinton publicly apologized for those who were tortured by this government sanctioned and sponsored program. When looking to who could be behind the harassment of those who would stand against the injustices of this country- you only need to look at our government itself, for it is as the old adage goes- “If you hear the sounds of hooves, think horse rather than zebra”, or in this case, unicorn. In other words- it isn’t alien lizard people who are causing or problems but rather our fellow men in the government régime we have been under for decades now.

A friend of mine recently told me that he was not a conspiracy theorist but rather- a conspiracy realist, and I have really come to appreciate this take on things. There is ample evidence on what I am trying to present- one only needs to do a little research before they plunge down the rabbit hole. Satanism has been a problem for America in the past- as we saw in the 90s with McMartin preschool as well as with the Presidio day care, in which Aquino himself was involved. These are two of MANY cases that spurred us to have concern with child abuse and Satanism nationwide. I am not saying that people are being targeted by Satanists- but rather that our government has issues with cult activity- which we know to be true with the Bohemian Grove, and it is this belief in cult behavior that has allowed the government to disregard the rights of anyone they deem a threat, or lower than themselves. Many T.I.’s take their harassment personally- but what I have found is that each one of us is but a drop in the bucket with regards to what is really on, and that the other side doesn’t see us as individuals but rather as objects to be moved and dominated at will, and contained and disposed of when we fail to reach the perceived objectives, whatever those might be. In the cult in which I was raised, I often heard the phrase “Eaters and Breeders”, as that was how the whole of society was generally looked at compared to those who were in power and the elite- who viewed the masses not as people- but rather objectified them into something undesirable and unworthy.

Regardless of WHY it is happening, the fact remains that our government, at will, seems willing and able with whatever means they have at their disposal to intimidate and basically torture anyone they deem a threat- which includes not only terrorists, but anyone who would speak out against the atrocities that our government is guilty of. Unfortunately those numbers are probably too high to even calculate.

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