E. John Brandeis and His Importance in Omaha and the Franklin Scandal

There are some connections to Brandeis that I would like to offer here. The Brandeis fortune was amassed through family accumulation but also through the works of Marsha Brandeis (Alan Baer’s wife) father, E. John Brandeis. Having set up and controlled a huge “Macy” type department store in Omaha, E. John Brandeis was instrumental in much of what happened in Omaha during his life.

Strongly connected to those who were in power- the Baer family reports these days that they have several hand written letters from Father Flanagan thanking Brandeis for his many contributions to help build Boystown. This wouldn’t be a big deal- but considering that Boystown was a fundamental part of the child prostitution that was happening here in Omaha, to me it shows the connection as to why Alan Baer (who assumed power over Brandeis with E. John stepped down) had the influence that he did over the national institution. With all of the family contributions, it would hardly be in Boystown’s interest to turn down such a benefactor’s request. This is definitely a connection to all of this mess in Omaha, and I think that this avenue may be one that merits more info on the details of what was going on here rather than the mess that has been suggested so far.

It has been asserted by several people that E. John Brandeis was involved with the CIA and its operations- and there are two reasons why I believe this could definitely be true. First off- just “coincidentally”, E. John Brandeis lived right next door to the film studio where the Manson family stayed, at the Open Bar Diamond Ranch. It has been suggested to me that the Charley Manson “Helter Skelter” thing was all a media hype story- and that the real story is that the house where Sharon Tate was murdered was manufacturing LSD in such quantities that it began interfering with the CIA’s hold on the market, and this was not a arbitrary event but an actual “hit” by our CIA. Not that Charley Manson was not guilty- but the question for me remains whether or not there was someone behind Manson who was really pulling the strings.

The fact that E. John Brandeis is connected to nefarious activities in Omaha is not surprising to me now that I have discovered that what I believed was a “funeral home” on the “outskirts of town” is actually neither. I know for definite that the house were games of hide and seek that were played in a huge house that had secret passages- where the rooms didn’t makes any sense- and had several that were simply sitting parlors leading to other sitting parlors was not a funeral home in North Omaha but in fact was none other than E. John Brandeis’s house in an area of town named Fair Acres around 68th and Underwood. This just came to me recently- as Alan and Marsha’s son John killed himself in the house and so the house was put up for sale- and I was able to view pictures of the inside of the house online at a realtor website.

Assuming that the house was a funeral home because of the rooms being parlors- secret passages being in the house- and the attic area was totally unfinished when I was a child, I also want to explain that when I was a kid- 72nd street WAS the edge of town basically (back in the late 60s and 70s), but I know this to be the house because I RECOGNIZED THE ROOMS INSIDE THE HOUSE, without ever BEING in those rooms as an adult. The house where they were killing and torturing child in games of hide and seek- where if you were found you were murdered, was most definitely Alan and Marsha Baers mansion in Fair Acres, and at this time, I think that E. John Brandeis was the one who actually owned the house.

E. John Brandeis definitely needs to be looked at when considering the things that were going on in Omaha- and Alan Baer was INSTRUMENTAL in all that was happening and so it is a good thing to look at him as well. Much of what happened in Omaha had big money behind it- and E. John Brandeis, and his son in law Alan Baer- would be the two logical people I would begin with when connecting the dots of child abuse and government involvement.

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