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Please listen as I have a good friend Jim C. on while we reminiense on Omaha and what it was like growing up in Omaha during the time of the Franklin Scandal.

Topics Discussed

Franklin and Omaha during the time of Franklin

Penn State…(I wanted to add this since I speak about it on the show)…

Here’s one connection: As the Franklin thing was at it’s climax, University of Nebraska (that’s right, the Cornhuskers) President Ronald Roskens was quietly dismissed for having parties with underaged males at his University residence. It can be assumed that pedophilia was occuring and privately noted by those who fired him. Naturally, after being dismissed for having pedophilic relations with underaged males while President of an academic institution in “conservative” Nebraska, he was immediately given a high level position in the cabinet of then “conservative” President GHW Bush!

He was replaced by Graham Spanier, who we can assume was brought in to quiet things down. During his tenure at UNL, Spanier was also Chairman of the Board of the Christian Children’s Fund – the largest child sponsorship program in the world. (As we’ve seen with celebrities and others, international child sponsorship provides a great cover for Intelligence activity and worse…..) This program became embroiled in controversy because there were countless instances of fraud, theft, and mismanagement. (reading between the lines, I suspect extreme embezzlement, money laundering, and child trafficking – as we’ve seen with Halliburton, DynCorp, and the UN, to name a few) This corruption was suppressed in a typically nasty fashion, and Spanier moved on, unscathed, to Penn State University.

Now, many are well aware that Penn State has been long involved with MKULTRA, particularly the University hospital. There has also recently been a scandal involving Hershey’s (there is a long, twisted tale behind Hershey’s money which leads to an unrelated MKULTRA story, but that would be inappropriate here), former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge, and an orphanage which all ties back to the Penn State scandal. I imagine that Jesuit Knight of Malta Rick Santorum who once slept with his dead fetus on Aleister Crowley’s birthday (October 12th, lock up your children!) is balls deep in this thing as well.

To get back to the point, Spanier spent years and years prior to his time at UNL at various positions within the MKULTRA hotbed known as Penn State University hospital. He also fronted for many many international corporations, charities, and other big money organizations. He also, still, maintains a very high security clearance with the US government.

So here you have a man quite obviously working for the CIA as a front man for very high level money laundering and pedophilic operations who was brought in to calm the waters at the University of Nebraska when another pedophile was dismissed and then went on to Penn State where he covered up another massive case of pedophilia. The media would like you to believe that ALL of these extremely high level influental people including an icon like Joe Paterno were willing to do everything and risk everything to cover up for one football coach who raped a few kids????????

I call bullshit and I contend that, like Mr. Shurter says, Sandusky is merely a whipping boy in a somewhat tightly controlled scandal which is obviously about something much much bigger and directly ties to the same characters who were involved in the Franklin thing. Too big to fail, they might say…………………..

E. Brandeis
A friend pointed out to me that we forgot to mention oliver north! he was heavily involved with Phoenix as well as Iran Contra and presumably events in Omaha as well

I just did a little digging – the spahn ranch is now a baseball field and the Brandeis Ranch is now separated from the Spahn ranch by the Ronald Reagan Freeway which wasn’t there at the time. The Brandeis Ranch seems to have been completely erased (roads and all) but is now bordered by some extremely large mansions and development of the former Brandeis movie ranch seems to be imminent………………..

The Case of Richard Hamlin and Sid Seimer, Seattle WA and Olympia

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