A Response to Paul Bonnaci and his Comments on Franklinfiles.net

My psychological well being has constantly been questioned by those who would like to stop me- for example- just as of last night on Franklinfiles.net Paul Bonnaci- poster child of the Franklin Credit scandal- suggested that I had no balance in my life which makes me seem psychotic. Interesting that Paul, by his own admission, is another person who has never met me even though he is more than willing to offer a negative psychological assessment despite that it was his so called mental illness that dominated and ultimately allowed the allegations of child abuse to be dismissed here in Omaha. However, he also claimed last night, on the same website, that he was fully “integrated” and that his memory has returned in entirety- which is the point of this post.

Since Paul was intimately involved with the people surrounding the downfall of Franklin, and since he was able to give detailed accounts of being at and in the Whitehouse during the George Bush Sr. reign, child killings at the Bohemian Grove, and detailed descriptions of Col. Michael Aquino’s house interior- now that his memory has returned- perhaps he would like to offer some specifics as to how things worked in Omaha- his home town, where he has lived all of this life and still continues to live. Paul referred to my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story as the “rantings of a lunatic”, so it is pretty obvious to me that he disagrees with what I am saying- so I would like to know- since he is healthy now- if he would like to expound on his experiences in Omaha so that we can see how each other’s story differs from the other.

Making a comment last night that he was going to call John DeCamp- the lawyer who was heavily involved in not only the investigations and court proceedings concerning the downfall of Franklin, but also ingratiated himself into the lives of the “famous three”- Paul Bonnaci, Troy Boner, and Alisha Owen- Paul commented that he wanted to talk about Penn State, (which DeCamp has come out and said that he figured out over a decade before). However, this is the thing about ex Senator John DeCamp- he has involved himself in EVERY controversial case this country has seen- such as the Oklahoma City bombing, Franklin, and the Columbine shooting in Colorado. I used to think that this was just an attempt at linking onto a gravy train- but recently I was reminded that Mr. Decamp- along with Bob Kerrey and several others, were all involved in an intelligence mission called the Phoenix Project during the days of Vietnam. The Phoenix Project was a mind control project, and my guess is that it was similar to what has been covered up at Offet Air Force Base, and this is the reason why this aspect has been and still is being covered up. I also find it interesting that many of these Phoenix Project members all ended up in Nebraska at the same time, powerful and leaders in Nebraska government and business institutions. With this connection, I have begun to wonder if there wasn’t more nefarious reasons that DeCamp involved himself in all of these cases- which has also lead me to wonder WHY?

It has been my personal experience that interest in Franklin has NOT abated even after three decades, and though Paul might consider my investigations the mere rantings of an off balanced individual, I have also discovered that Rabbit Hole is renewing talk about the situations surrounding the failed credit union. Considering that Paul disagrees so heartily with my conclusions, perhaps he would, since he is “integrated”, now like to offer up his own DETAILED explanation as to just how things were able to play out in his own hometown, esp. considering that he was so involved in all of it. Books and documentaries have been made detailing the truth of his involement- and so now I think it is time for the rest of the community to garner some understanding as to what was occurring, and Paul is the best avenue for this to happen.

Paul made the comment that he chooses to avoid “all things David”, but I want to point out that such is not true for me. I am very interested in Paul- and his version of what was happening in OMAHA during the Franklin Credit Scandal. We have all heard what was happening elsewhere in the country- but who and more importantly HOW was it happening in his own hometown is what interests me. Only he knows the whole story supposedly- and I think the time has come for that to change.

As far as having so much passion that I am off balance with all of this- let me just offer this. I have a loving, 20 year relationship, a great house, a plethora of friends, a fantastic therapist whom I see on a weekly basis and an amazing psychiatrist who sees me monthly. My mental balance is fine, I assure you, and if there was any question, I have enough people involved with me and my life that they would stand up and do something if this weren’t the case. I say this not as a defense- but as a reassurance. I am very passionate about this case, and I want my father’s crimes exposed, not because I am being vindictive but because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. As such, I will continue to do what I can to bring all this out into the light. Blogging and sharing all of this is one way I can do this (as Franklinfiles.net has once again banned me- keeping me from being able to defend myself from any attacks that might and do occur on there).

Despite the drama- the facts are still the same- 1. Franklin has never been adequately explained, 2. Now that Paul is mentally healthy- he is the best avenue to understand what was going on here, and 3. (My personal favorite)- John DeCamp is so overwhelmed with pain killers that he is not going to be able to offer much in the way of guided help to Paul- and so now that he is healthy- perhaps it is time Paul tells the whole truth as to what was going on in Omaha and how it was all able to happen, esp. if John DeCamp wants to associate Penn State with all of this. That is just how I see it anyway.

Sent to me right after posting this

You might want to know that it was NOT John DeCamp who said he figured out or associated Penn State with Franklin. I am sure I read this somewhere and will try to find it. Some other reporter or something made the statement after Sandusky was outed. The statement alluded to the fact that DeCamp had talked about the possibility that there was also pandering of children at Penn State years ago. The reporter or whoever it was remembered the comments from DeCamp because he was from out East. DeCamp himself has said he does not remember talking about it or making the association in the 90’s.



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