A Question Posed on Amazon About Satanic Cult Activity

As far as your question to me- the answer is simple. There have been NO convictions, and with the False Memory Foundations help- which has early connections to NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), the government has basically had a crackdown on anyone investigating such claims.

A good example of what I am speaking about is again Col. Michael Aquino. A satanist- he has committed many atrocities, been involved with the Presidio Day care scandal where children were claiming to be satanically abused, but because he was so high up in the CIA and head of the NSA for a period of time, the government demanded that all files be destroyed on Aquino in the name of national security. He has been protected throughout his entire career, which is why he has never seen jail or been persecuted in any way.

As far as any convictions, there has been a systematic push by the American government to prevent any investigations into such activity. This is an issue- as we have seen that child abuse is under reported- not over stated. The Presidio was one of many daycares that expressed problems- like McMartin and the half dozen other daycares in that area- one of which was a Catholic daycare in Long beach. All of the issues surrounding the daycares throughout the nation that were being reported- like the child abuse that was going on in Omaha, (which is presented in the British documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” on YouTube), was all shoved under the carpet- compliments of the FBI and the CIA. There SHOULD HAVE BEEN convictions but due to a systematic court involvement- it was botched so bad that no indictments were handed down- let alone any convictions.

Regardless though- none of this has anything whatsoever to do with Sybil- who never once professed to be satanically ritual abuse survivor. Our nations history with “satanic panic” has nothing to do with Sybil or DID- but rather dealt with matters concerning child abuse that lacked any real investigations into their merit- and much of that was played out in the McMartin court fiasco when all of the issues got trashed in the media blitz of the whole mess.

Just because there were no convictions- doesn’t mean there wasn’t merit for such convictions.

then…later on… in a different post to different arguments…

You might want to read my book on the subject. The situations here in Omaha dealt a GREAT DEAL with satanism.

How many people went to jail over something that was deemed a social hysteria? That is a typical argument- however- I don’t see any statistics as to the numbers of ACTUAL cases. No one here in Omaha has ever been charged with such a thing- and I personally haven’t heard anything anywhere else. Except for the case of Richard Hamlin- who was a doctor in the armed forces who was trying to break up a drug ring on his base. His family ended up murdered- and he went to jail for it- although he claimed, and has a great deal of evidence and testimony- that a group of people in a cult came in and killed them.

The reason why satanism in this country has been covered up, I believe, is because it is directly related and associated with the MKUltra project, of which I was a victim. This is the real reason that these cases have been covered up- and Alecia Owen- the jailed victim who they charged with perjury- was a PERFECT example of what I am talking about when I say there was a systematic attempt to shut down EVERY VICTIM that was involved with this= by throwing the book at someone who- as a CHILD- carried ex Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman’s baby.

There might not YET be any charges against those who practiced the occult here in Omaha- but YET is the key word. There are many of us who believe that the Franklin case and the Sandusky case are directly linked by many of the same people- and again- was more about a child sex trafficking ring than anything else. The satanism that was being practiced was ALSO used to discredit all the other claims- at least here in Omaha- and so I don’t believe that there are many who went to jail during satanic panic. Again- as it is now- it has been deemed a hysteria- and so I doubt that the judicial system convicted anyone- McMartin being a perfect example of what I am talking about.

I am not a “satan hunter” but I know what I and many others- including members of my family- experienced and endured in Omaha and so, honestly- I have to admit that it is true that I have a different agenda than most here. I am going to do my best and expose what happened here in Omaha- and when that happens- this question of not having anyone truly involved with satanism and government will be over. There is a DEFINITE link- and only those who don’t wish to see it are unable to do so.

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