A Rant About the End of the World

I guess, from what I hear, the world is going to end this month. I also hear that Jesus Christ is going to descend from whatever dimension of time and space he ascended to, disappearing until this presumed time of destiny when all of the devout followers are going to be saved. As such, there are many out there quoting scripture from a book seemingly in an attempt to convert followers, although it has been my experience that most just look at it as preachy. Overzealous in their desire to convert, I would rather learn from a sinner than be preached at by a saint- esp. considering that none of us are without our mistakes and the hypocrisy of the pious nature in which the message is generally delivered is enough to turn me off immediately, doing more harm than good. I don’t think I am alone.

First of all, I don’t believe that the world is going to end this month. I might burn in hell for that one, but I just don’t.

Secondly, years ago, in a Scientific America, I read about when the world turned 1000. The entire population convinced itself that the world was going to end and this is when Christianity took a significant hold as the world’s religion. The whole situation was deemed “Millennial Hysteria”- and it is my contention that we are in such a time again, turning 2000, although we have prolonged it for twelve years with this belief that it was going to happen in 2012. I also contend that what we as a people should be concerned with is the year 2013 or 2014- when it finally dawns on people that this “predestined” time is not an appointment from the Divine that Heaven is coming for a visit. It will be this time that hope will be at its lowest, and –judging by things so far- people will be despairing, (unless you really believe that the weather is going to fix itself, along with every world government- not to mention picking up financially). I guess it is growing up in a cult- my father and his friends didn’t believe that the world was going to end either.

No, in fact, they believed that the upcoming time would be the ripe time for takeover- because the people would be lost and looking for a savior. Having no faith in any savior descending from the sky, I was taught that the world would go on- and people would be controlled. Race would rise up against race, brother would rise up against brother until, in the end, the forces of government would reign down on us all and bring us to the point of slavery. Tyranny is always easier when the people are most vulnerable. It just a logical dissention of events, and unless Jesus Christ is actually going to save us on Dec. 23, 2012- it is something that is best if we all keep in mind.

The third point I would like to make is that Satanists can quote the Bible back and forth, inside and out, upside and down as well, but it is through our acts of faith and love in which we are beholden- not what we say and how we preach. Judge not lest you be judged yourself and the first commandment of Jesus Christ was Love. It is okay if you speak your faith, but better it be seen rather than heard. It is time we focus on converting the SYSTEMS and stop focusing on each other. It is time that we see and take responsibility for the big picture and work to change the world around us- by being the very people we wish to see in the world. And for Gods sake- stay the hell out of each other’s bedrooms. We need to stop being these tabloid seeking, Bible reading robots and become the citizens of the world that we are supposed to become. That means going out and LIVING the scriptures, not quoting them to shame others in order to set yourselves above and apart from your brothers and sisters.

The world needs us now- more than ever, and it is time that each of us start rising to the occasion and doing what we can to fix what has become seriously broken. More than that- we need each other. Emotionally, intellectually, spiritually- our need has become great and it is time that we stop adhering to old prophecy and rituals and go forward with a faith in mankind- which is the whole point God put us here in the first place. We are going to need each other if we are going to survive the days ahead- and let me assure you- there are plenty of them facing us. We must rouse each other and bring ourselves to attention, and most of all- start reaching out to your brother with love. This, after all, WAS Jesus first commandment. Love God- love your brother- love yourselves. In that order.

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