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E. John Brandeis and His Importance in Omaha and the Franklin Scandal

There are some connections to Brandeis that I would like to offer here. The Brandeis fortune was amassed through family accumulation but also through the works of Marsha Brandeis (Alan Baer’s wife) father, E. John Brandeis. Having set up and controlled a huge “Macy” type department store in Omaha, E. John Brandeis was instrumental in […]

8th Episode of Radio Program

Please listen as I have a good friend Jim C. on while we reminiense on Omaha and what it was like growing up in Omaha during the time of the Franklin Scandal. Topics Discussed… Franklin and Omaha during the time of Franklin Penn State…(I wanted to add this since I speak about it on the […]

A Response to Paul Bonnaci and his Comments on

My psychological well being has constantly been questioned by those who would like to stop me- for example- just as of last night on Paul Bonnaci- poster child of the Franklin Credit scandal- suggested that I had no balance in my life which makes me seem psychotic. Interesting that Paul, by his own admission, […]