Hoaxstead Research May Have Changed Their “Toon” but They Are Still Singing the Same Old Tired Song

To be honest, I find this website quite enjoyable- considering the absurdity that is being presented there.  Also, judging by the fact that now that I have started pointing it out what complete butt wipes they are,  they are now trying to come off as a more gentler and respectful them.  But even with the attitude change- they are still singing their same old tired song.

They will present every single case that they have issue with without ever answering the three simple questions I have asked of them repeatedly.  They want to say that none of it is real- that there is no large, organized, and secret elite pedophile child sex, rape, and torture trafficking ring despite the fact that we all can see otherwise.

Look- obviously there were serious crimes that were covered up in the UK in the 80’s and since there is indisputable evidence proving this, that gives ALL of the claims back then MERIT- because if there wasn’t any, there would have been no need to cover them up in the first place.

So OBVIOUSLY this shit exists.

Now that we are where we are now – facing the exact types of allegations as we faced back then, considering that they were covered up the first time, why would anyone in their right mind believe that the same type of thing isn’t happening this time?  It may be different people and different situations- but the mode of operandi is identical, and since we all KNOW that this happened before, It would be silly to think that it isn’t happening again.

There is simply too much evidence to keep doing what we did three decades ago, when the same allegations of extreme crimes against children came out the first time- which was turn our heads and ignore what was before us.  It is before us again, and this time, we need to do something different.

One of the Hoaxstead Research commenters said that it was the “British way to laugh” at things they found absurd- but I don’t find the sadistic sexual torture of children on a mass scale funny.  Guess that is the American in me.

What I would like to see in the UK- since I have had many people reach out to me- is that Shirley Oaks combines themselves with ALL of the victims of the UK’s children homes.  There is a serious need- and since Shirley Oaks is making such headway- I think it would be wonderful to see ALL the victims of ALL of their children’s homes coming together.

Hoaxstead Research would have a much harder time saying that organized abuse of children that is connected to our governments doesn’t exist if they had to face the 1000’s who experienced the VERY THING that they are so vehemently discrediting.

Hoaxstead might have changed the WAY they are talking- but they are still spouting the same old crap, failing over and over again to answer the questions that are being posed of them.  They act like the government, they are just as manipulative as the government, and their actions ONLY benefit those who are making the money off this huge child sex trafficking ring- who coincidentally are the ones who covered it up the FIRST time all of these crimes came out.  And who is that?  Well, none other than their GOVERNMENT.



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