Concerning This Irrational Fear of “Being Programmed”

First of all, being “programmed” isn’t even possible, and calling what they are doing “programming” gives this group WAY more power than they really have. The human brain IS NOT a computer- and they are not able to fill it with code to make people to do things they don’t want to do. If this were true- there would be no one fighting against them as they would just collect them, program them, and make them into complacent slaves. Since this is OBVIOUSLY not the case, this whole idea that these idiots are able to “program” people is ridiculous.

This trauma based MKUltra experiment DOESN’T program people- it CONDITIONS them. It is their hope that if they condition a person with enough trauma- it will limit their victims consciousness and thus their victims will act in ways that fit the parameters of behavior that this group are hoping for. But FREE WILL was given to us directly by God- and no one can overrun that- certainly not THIS group.

How many brains do you think it takes to hurt a child and invoke the Stockholm syndrome in them? Studies have shown that it only takes three days of beating and raping a child to invoke this human condition- and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this. This group are ABUSERS- and although they would like people to think that they are all powerful- what they are is simply a group of bullies who, as a whole, are devoid of any humanity whatsoever.

This group has promoted this idea of “programming” because it makes them out to be way more powerful than what they actually are. It is, like EVERYTHING they present, just one more lie in their mountains of lies.

From what I understand- this tranny named Menagerie and her little group are seeking out survivors of abuse and are doing their best to try and control them. This tranny is trying to convince very broken and vulnerable people that they have been “programmed” and that there are dark parts within them that need to be murdered- in effect they are basically trying to convince these poor people that they are evil and need to commit suicide. This tranny and her group are trying to scare their victims by filling their heads with a bunch of bullshit- and it seems to have worked in the past.

But these victims are quickly waking up to this game.

This tranny who calls himself Menagerie is trying to convince them that they were programmed and is scaring them into believing that just because they like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland- two stories WELL KNOWN to be part of the MKUltra conditioning program- that this means they are ALL victims of MKUltra- which many if not most of their victims are NOT.

However, if those of us who DID have the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland involved in our conditioning- these things ARE NOT scary to us but rather WE ARE DRAWN TO THEM. Personally- I have an entire collection of Wizard of Oz stuff and Alice in Wonderland. Why? Because a long while back- I decided I was going to OWN my abuse so that it wouldn’t be so frightening to me. It wasn’t these two aspects that frightened me as a young man- but rather it was the fact that I was so drawn to them that I found disconcerting- and I decided that I would take control of myself rather than let myself feel that this group of child abusing rapists and murdering pedophiles had control.

But those of us who DID have The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland in our conditioning program aren’t afraid of these aspects- but rather, again- we are ATTRACTED to them.

What I find interesting is that this tranny Menagerie- who felt so uncomfortable in his own skin and his own darkness, decided to have a procedure(s) to make him into someone else. If ANYONE is full of darkness- it is this guy in a dress- and I don’t see anyone telling him that HE should commit suicide. It is all a mind game- or better yet- a MIND FUCK- and it is all based on lies. If you are a victim of abuse and you are listening to this guy spout his bullshit and believe it- then I suggest that you sign up and get yourself on the Darwin Award list- because chances are you are too dumb to live.

Yes- you read that right. If you have someone trying to convince you to kill yourself because you have dark sides to your personality and you are buying into it hook, line, and sinker- you are acting in ways that are so stupid that it defies words and maybe you SHOULD consider taking yourself out of the gene pool. You have two choices- believe this tranny who murdered Lori King and then went out on the internet and bragged about it who is telling you that IT IS YOU who has darkness and that you need to kill yourself because of it- or you can conclude that this tranny is full of shit and dismiss her/him for the hot mess that he is. Whatever you decide- in the end- it will be YOUR CHOICE and no one else’s.

No one is being programmed to do things against his or her will- it is an impossibility. If you are doing something that goes against the grain of who you are- it isn’t because someone is making you do it but rather because YOU ARE MAKING THE CHOICE TO DO SUCH BEHAVIOUR, so if you find what you are doing to be unacceptable- then by all means- DO SOMETHING ELSE. But if you need to tell yourself that you aren’t responsible for your own behavior and need to blame someone else- not only have you cut yourself off at the knees, but you are seriously deluding yourself. But once again- let me repeat the fact the only one responsible for your behavior- since you are adults- is YOU yourself and ONLY YOU.

This morning I got yet ANOTHER email from this Charles Edward Frith who doesn’t seem to realize that I know what a bullshit con artist he is and that I truly think he is a freak for obsessing about me enough that he feels compelled to try and engage me over and over and over- although I have come right out and have told him in the bluntest possible way what I think of him. However- now he is trying to say that I am not doing enough to “help” survivors. This is what I have to say to this…

I am not responsible for saving ANYONE. A person should never swim out to save a drowning person- because that person will first drown their “rescuer” before they eventually drown themselves. Trying to “save” anyone else NEVER works and so I don’t bother. It isn’t to say that I don’t care- because I most definitely do- but the thing is- no one has ever banged on my door to try and save me and so I have had to do my own saving in regards to myself. In that process, I have discovered that I am STRONG and CAPABLE, and have absolutely NO NEED for others to do the work that I needed to do myself. Having to do my own work myself has made me strong in and of myself- and has given me the capabilities of being able to stand and walk on my own. I am responsible for my own healing- AS WE ALL ARE. If you feel otherwise- then by all means- seek out those who are presenting themselves out to be saviors like this tranny Menagerie- but you shouldn’t be surprised when they turn against you and help you right over the cliff you thought they would save you from in the first place.

One last thing- and it has nothing to do with “programming” being a fallacy and that what they are doing is conditioning- conditioning that we ALL HAVE THE CHOICE to deny and act against- but rather deals with Charles Edward Frith’s question about Justice Anton Scalia and his suggesting that I used demonic powers to have him murdered. There ARE no demons left of this side- and it wasn’t demonic influence that allowed Scalia to get his throat slit by a 13 year old boy but was, instead, Heaven’s influence. This group of evil pedophiles have all convinced themselves that THEY THEMSELVES are gods and that they are more powerful than all of Heaven. This delusion that they are suffering from has allowed them to do whatever they want- whenever they want- and they have incorrectly assumed that there will be no penalty for their horrific crimes.

They are wrong- DEAD WRONG. We have all been given example after example of Heaven’s wrath- and this is JUST what this group has brought upon themselves. They believe that only they are all powerful and now Heaven is showing them how absolutely foolish they have been. Look around- this group isn’t in control of ANYTHING- in fact- EVERYTHING is completely out of their control. No one can thwart the will of Heaven- no matter what bullshit they tell themselves, and now they are being held accountable for their crimes. Their love for death and destruction has now embraced them- and they are about to see the results of their actions- and no one- certainly not any of them- will be able to stop what already has them all firmly in its grasp.

Fact is- the only ones they have successfully “programmed” is themselves. And now they are about to be claimed as a result of their own behavior. They are totally UNABLE to act in any other way than that which they have programmed themselves to do- and it will be this fact that will cause them to find themselves claimed by the DARK sooner than any of them should be comfortable with.

They all believed they were ALL POWERFUL- and that they could defeat God and the Will of Heaven- and now they are about to discover how very wrong they have been. And they have no one to blame- like the rest of us- but themselves.



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