The UK Has Totally Disassociated From Reality

The other day- this article came out concerning the UK’s governments “new found stance” on pedophiles and child rape.  It isn’t so much against the rape of children- nor is it about getting those who have already been hurt justice- but David Cameron thinks that it is wrong for pedophiles to have books and abuse manuals- I guess because he believes that  no one can molest a child without reading up on it first.

Here is the link to that article…

“David Cameron vows to close an “unacceptable” loophole that allows sexual predators to make and possess abuse manuals.”

Personally- considering that many in the UK government, (including Cameron himself),  just got busted for hiding inordinate sums of money in off shore tax free accounts, and considering that the anger concerning the rape and abuse of children has significantly amplified after Cardinal George Pell- third in charge at the Vatican- just went on record saying that it was a shame that so many children got raped and abused but all in all it was really of no concern to him- although HE was in charge at the time, and the fact that people are beginning to wake up to this whole sordid reality with regards to Jimmy Saville and this protected large elite pedophile ring that has been going on for decades now- I think that David Cameron and all of the UK will say just about anything they can think of to distract and shy away from the consequences facing them at the moment.

Even their government sponsored websites- like Hoaxteadresearch- are claiming victory in a sad attempt to portray all of these issues as already put behind them.  Here is a link to one of their newest articles- although I do want to point out that for being so intellectually superior and all- you would think that they would realize that were is supposed to be we’re- or maybe “we are”- although their misspellings are pretty much as defunct as their claim that follows it…

I guess they are hoping that if they SAY it is over, then everyone can pretend it is.  Just like Cameron claiming to treat pedophiles like terrorists- all the while the UK keeps passing gag laws regarding claims of child abuse that extend 80-100 years in the future while, at the same time, passing other laws that safeguards those involved from inquiries and prosecution for those same crimes.

I guess the only ones Cameron thinks ought to have manuals on how to properly sodomize children  is him and those he represents- like the royal family.  I mean, it wasn’t only Bill Clinton and Donald Trump who were flying around on Epstein’s pedophile plane “Lolita Express” to his little child rape paradise but Prince Andrew as well.

But because they- through Hoaxtead Research- have “disproved” Hampstead and the claims those two children made about being horrifically abused- now we are just supposed to believe that none of this matters now.  (Of course the only ones they have disproved are their operatives who are working from the inside).

It is such a pathetic attempt at trying to reel things in that you sort of have to feel sorry for them and the fact that they can disillusion themselves to such a degree, because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is being fooled.

Rich pedophiles, as a whole, spend almost NO TIME in jail- and this is worldwide.  In America- you can face 30 years in jail for stealing some candy- but if you are a rich child rapist like Epstein and the MYRIAD of others who are just like him- they have seen either no jail time or so little that it defies comprehension-establishing the idea that rich pedophiles can conduct business as usual with little to no threat of any real penalties.

And this is because OUR LEADERS have written the laws that way.  Just as the UK- and David Cameron- will tell you that they are waging wars on pedophiles while rewriting the laws that do JUST THE OPPOSITE.  They are just hoping that this song and dance that they have manufactured will prevent society from seeing the truth.

Won’t work- but hey- you all have to admit that it is entertaining watching them try.  One thing is painfully obvious with all of this however- and that is the fact that they are nowhere near the intellectual giants they believe themselves to be.

And it is only a matter of time before they draw the full anger of the people- who are already holding them accountable for their efforts.  Society as a whole doesn’t like pedophiles- but we like those who would protect them and their nasty behavior even less- and we only have to look at who is waging these campaigns to figure out where we should focus our dissent.

And in the end- no media campaign is going to prevent this, no matter how loud you sing your victory war songs.

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