The Amusing Butt-Munching at Hoaxtead Research

I have to say that the UK government sponsored website that is trying to make a child abuse case called Hampstead into their US version of McMartin- which was the case in the 80’s that was used to cover up the same types of allegations as Hampstead that were happening in the 1000’s here in the US- has been more amusing than ever, as none of them seem to be able to shove their tongues up each other’s asses far enough lately.

They have brought self-congratulatory behavior into epic proportions while having a feeding frenzy as to how wonderful they all are.  Actually, it is more sad than amusing- but no one could tell them that.

Notice that there is NOT ONE WORD of dissent on their site; everyone there agrees 100% with everyone else there.  This is done on purpose actually- so that anyone who comes across the site will think that if everyone there agrees- then they should too.  It is done as manipulation and, if you will, mind control.

Mind control is not magic- it is simply presenting stimuli to gain a desired response and is nothing more than manipulating a person’s environment in order to control their perception.  What a person believes always dictates how they will act, and Hoaxtead wants people to believe that this whole elite pedophile ring is bogus and so they behave in ways that try to influence others to their way of thinking.  In many ways- it is a game.

The key factor you need to keep in mind when reading their shit- and I am using that word literally- is that they aren’t introducing ANYTHING that goes against their assertions.  Their whole focus is on Hampstead and the people surrounding it (although it has been my personal experience that the ONLY real aspect to any of it are the two children- and everything and everyone else is being used as part of a con)- but they don’t EVER speak about cases that directly show where they are full of shit.

Like the children’s group home Shirley Oaks- who now have 300+ victims standing against this whole pedophile organization- and they are just ONE of MANY who are beginning to come forward in the UK.

The UK government is putting gag orders on everything that has been investigated concerning an elite pedophile ring- the majority of them lasting 80-100 years- while at the same time they are passing laws to safeguard themselves should any allegation arise and gain traction.  This especially concerns their Queen and Royal Family- but considering that Prince Andrew has ALSO been named as a frequent guest on convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s plane nicknamed the “Lolita Express”, this raises some concern- as it is indicative that ANOTHER cover-up is being done- just like in the 80’s where there is definitive proof when they did the same back then.

In fact, when you consider that just what we know, and I am sure there is a BUNCH that we are still in the dark about right now- just THAT ALONE is enough to discredit and totally invalidate the old arguments that none of this is real and looking into it would just be “one big witch hunt”.

But we aren’t looking for witches this time- this time we are looking for pedophiles.  And considering the Catholic Church and the fact that 3rd in charge of the Vatican George Pell himself admitted there are MAJOR PROBLEMS concerning an organized pedophilia ring acting within the walls of the Catholic Church while at the same time denying any personal culpability on his or the Church’s behalf- even though he was the one IN DIRECT CONTROL- obviously there are issues that need to be addressed that are blatantly NOT being addressed which are OBVIOUSLY REAL and completely destroy the argument that large scale pedophile rings can’t exist or be kept quiet and safe over long periods of time.

In fact- when all of the known facts are actually considered- Hoaxtead Research either looks like an inept group of sheep who are fighting ignorantly for a corrupt government, or worse- a band of deceitful and skilled liars who are attempting to manipulate public perception in order to protect the very practices they are go on and on and on about claiming don’t exist.

Either way, they are completely fucked in my opinion.  And despite all of their self-congratulatory blowhard arguments to the contrary- I don’t really think that there are that many people who are listening.

The case of Hampstead may go away- but the reality of this type of abuse and the KNOWN history we are all aware surrounds these types of allegations- isn’t going anywhere.  These known facts make society unable to just look away like we all did in the 80’s- and despite this great attempt to make everyone focus on the “satanic” aspect of this- what we are dealing with this time are not a bunch of witches but rather a bunch of child rapists, and worse- the SAME AS IT WAS LAST TIME.

But let me just say this before I conclude this entry- If any of you ARE indeed witches and devil worshipers, I might rethink where I am standing because I want to assure you that it is a SERIOUSLY bad time to be a worshiper of the dark as you are all about to get exactly what you have been pinning for all this time.  The party is over and now it is time to pay the piper- and there is simply no way of getting out of it.




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