Hoaxstead Research is a Perfect Example of Those Felicity Lee Spoke of In Her Last Article

This group of yahoos are a joke.  They bitch about vigilantes sharing publicly the personal private info of those they accused of pedophilia while doing the SAME THING to those they dislike.  They even go so far as to publish pictures of their living quarters and talk openly where they work and hang out.

This group, who I believe are government trolls, will do whatever they can and will say whatever they can think of to trash anyone who openly talks about an elite group of pedophiles raping and hurting children.

They make it out to be a joke, although no one is laughing.

Judging by the comments concerning their latest post, it is obvious they are checking out my blog, but insist on refusing to answer the questions I have asked repeatedly.

We all know that a cover up happened in the 80’s concerning child trafficking in the UK- at the SAME TIME the exact same type of allegations were hitting in the US and Australia.  SO- AGAIN- since we all know this happened, society is left with 3 questions.

1).  WHO was involved in this criminal activity?

2).  WHAT were the specific allegations?


3).  If these claims were so bogus and had no merit, WHY were they all covered up in the first place?

They will say large scale conspiracies don’t exist, but then- what do we call everything that has come out about the Catholic Church?  It was large in scale, the accusations have been going on for decades, many people knew, and yet nothing was done.

I would really appreciate it, as would many others, if they took a break from trashing people- most of who are working in direct conjunction with them, and take the time to give a reasonable explanation to these questions.  But don’t hold your breath because I believe we all will be waiting a VERY LONG TIME- if it ever happens at all.

On another note, people are telling me that they have been blocked from accessing my blog.  Interesting that for claiming I am so crazy, a great deal of effort is being waged to keep the public from reading my stuff.

They never win their arguments they start with me, and they all have come to realize that all of their attacks during the well over a decade that I have been trying to expose this haven’t made me back down in the least, despite their group attacks resembling a pack of rabid wolves- so now they are resorting to petty shit like spelling my name wrong.

For believing they are so intellectually superior to everyone- their actions are no proof of this.  I mean, they can’t even answer three little questions.  Impressive, isn’t it?

One last thing… I really don’t appreciate four big guys showing up at my widowed 65 year old friend’s house- who is a disabled vet and has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, just to intimidate him.  Only bullies on an elementary school playground do this and this behavior is in absolutely no way respectable.  Plus, it failed miserably.

I did spend the time after being notified about it to call my loved ones and warn them- apologizing profusely that simply knowing me had put them in jeapordy.  But have no doubts when I tell you that I also told them that regardless of what happens in the future it will IN NO WAY DETER ME OR STOP ME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM.

You trained me to bite down and not let go, so if you have a problem with that- perhaps you shouldn’t have trained me the way you did.  We are in a 6th level extinction event, so threatening me or those I love with death falls completely flat.  We are ALL getting ready to cross- some of us sooner than others- but we are all in the same boat.  Regardless, I sent a little something your way to help you realize the folly of your actions.  I also called the police and asked them to keep a keen eye out on all of us.

With all your blustering I assure you that the only ones you have convinced of your “absolute power” is yourselves and the facts of the matter show just the opposite.

In fact, I would go as far to say that I have never seen a bigger group of idiots in my life.  With all your insults and all of your games, you truly are the most pathetic group of ninnys that have ever walked the Earth.

Considering that all of you think you are “gods”, what you all really need to do is get a fucking clue.

But just like waiting for all of you to answer three simple questions, I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this to happen, because the simple fact is, not one of you is capable of this.

And you are all just to stupid to realize it.

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