Another Conversation with Noreen Gosch/Luke 5/17/2012


Anon2129: David, you claim to be supporting the victims yet you throw the real victims under the bus. You David, are not being completely honest. You have given no real account of anything that has gone on in regards to child trafficking in Nebraska. You have only pieced together other victims and witnesses statements and used them as your own. Your info has been pieced together through reading internet articles, newspaper clippings and hearsay from those few victims/witnesses you have conned into telling you things. You sir need help. The term sociopath comes to mind. You are not a victim. You DEFINITELY were not one of Baers boys. You claim to be a victim yet you call this your “investigation”. A true victim does not need to investigate anything. They lived it. It was life.

You started talking about being interested in the Johnny Gosch case. Then that lead you to saying your father murdered someone. Then that lead you to investigating the fanklin scandal. Then that lead you to being a victim of the Franklin scandal. Your first mistake was your walking tour of Omaha. Which you missed many places and their meaning. Your second was not knowing much about Hummel park until someone mentioned it to you.

How is it that when you finally mention Hummel you leave out one very important fact that L.Kings house is literally a 5min walk away? It’s sick when one claims to be a victim. It’s sad.

You are not now nor have you ever been part of the Franklin victims. It has to be said David, you need help.

Davids: blah blah blah from an ANON.  Funny- i dont have to investigate anything either- it isnt my job.  that is the job of the police.  You all are just angry because someone with common sense who knew what was going on came forward and blew you guys out of the water.

Lukej:  Thank you anon2129  I am glad someone finally spoke out.   You know when someone continues to attack others/ victims, one has to examine what their motive might be.   Are they involved?  Are they uninformed or as you mentioned, does one need “help”.  There is always a payoff for the person who exhibits this type of behavior.

Davids: no one who actually reads my book will believe what you are saying

Davids: oh- the gang up again

Davids: of course- my sis has her own story as well

Davids: and we are both talking

Davids: so how are you going to trash her?

Davids: and Noreen- you could just as well be the anon

Davids: and you say I have problems

Davids: me thinks your issue with me is that people are actually LISTENING to me

Lukej:  There is always a payoff for the person who constantly is attacking others.   ALWAYS !

Davids: oh- there is a payoff Noreen- i get to expose all of you

Lukej:  no issue with you your statements accusations are “slander”

Davids: i couldnt ask for a better payment

Davids: you accuse your ex husband in your book-

Davids: talk about the pot callingthe kettle black

Lukej:  Rage is also often a very telling behavior point.

Davids: is that why i have a smile on my face?

Davids: i am not angry- you dont have that much power

Davids: and considering the hits ive got on my website today- people seem to be interested in what happened last night

Lukej:  Raging is a release for some people … it makes them feel so much better

Davids: you – on the other hand- seem incredibly angry

Davids: telling the truth is not raging- but then- you wouldnt know much about that then

Lukej:  lol  no you are not worth it …. LOL  Have a great day…

Davids: peace Noreen

Davids: im sure youll be talking about me

Lukej:  my name is Luke … has been all my life.   No actually I have much more important things to talk about .. so you won’t be in any of my conversations.    You really don’t know waht is going on do  you?

Davids: whatever

Davids: that is why you got 1st person and 3rd person confused- or maybe you have DID

Davids: but we will see who you really are very soon now

Davids: which is what i am looking for

Davids: both you and i know what is going on- what is important is that others discover the truth as well Noreen

Lukej:  No you do not know what has transpired over the past number of years, that is evident as you rant, rage and ramble….   Enjoy your 15 minutes.

Davids: i will- now that yours is over Noreen

Lukej:  again another joke, you should be a comedian …

Davids: produce your evidence- people are tired of the continual promises

Davids: im making things happen- and trust me- i have IN NO WAY forgotten our history Noreen

Davids: tic for tac

Lukej:  There are no promises ever made to the general public… get over yourself….

Davids: the public ignores you

Davids: i mean in here

Davids: how many times have you told people things are moving

Davids: and yet here we are

Lukej:  as an investigator, I never share with the  public what is really going on with the case.   So again … do get over yourself… no one really cares.

Davids: Noreen- you arent an investigator- and whatever

Davids: how convenient for you

Davids: i bet I can get people to listen- and more than that- understand what happened and what has been going on

Davids: you talk like a gatekeeper- the info is pending- we just cant disclose it yet.  wow- 30 years later you have gotten far

Lukej:  You seem to be confused… I am LUKE and I have been an investigator for many years.   Get over it … do yourself a favor .. you just seem to have so much consternation all the time.       You need to get busy and post this chat too….   gotta inform the universe.   sort of a Paul Revere….   You have no understanding of how this case is progressing or you wouldn’t make such stupid remarks, it only shows your ignorance each time you type something.

Davids: insult all you like Noreen- it isnt like I am the first or last to figure out your little show

Davids: or charade shall we say

Davids: and again- it sounds as if you are angry cause people are actually listening to me

Davids: and I am no fan of yours


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