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Conversations with a Skeptic…

Hi David, I did try viewing them from your website, but when I pressed play I still got the “This Video Is Private” message. Since you changed things, however, they are now viewable. I didn’t watch the videos yet, but I did read your last blog update. I noticed that you again mentioned you don’t […]

The Difference Between a Satanist and a Luciferian

Satanists mock the concept of God and the ancient scriptures, whereas a Luciferian believes in the Anti-Christ and therefore gives great heed to ancient spells and incantations. America’s history with this is simple- Anton Levey was a satanist, and Col. Michael Aquino, founder of Temple of Set, is a Luciferian. This is a simple explanation- […]

Reflecting on this Past Weekend…

This past week being in San Francisco and attending the Survivorship conference was very eye opening for me in many ways- and I would like to share some of my enlightenment in order to further glean what I can from my experiences. First- I was exposed to a phrase that I would like to share- […]

A Walking Tour of Col. Michael Aquino with Doug Millar

Although we screwed up in this section- not being able to find the chapel right away and thinking that it was torn down like the daycare was, I feel that this part is still important to add….