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Hi David,
I did try viewing them from your website, but when I pressed play I still got the “This Video Is Private” message. Since you changed things, however, they are now viewable.
I didn’t watch the videos yet, but I did read your last blog update. I noticed that you again mentioned you don’t believe the stories told by the well known Franklin vitims and that their stories do not make sense. You don’t explain why you feel this way though.
I was hoping you could tell me why you don’t believe them, and what about their claims does not make sense. I have looked into the Franklin Scandal quite a bit over the past few years and have never felt that Paul Bonacci, Troy Boner, or Alisha Owen’s claims failed to make sense. I can say the same for John DeCamp’s account of Franklin and things surrounding it as well.
I have had discussions with others who know more about their claims, and have looked into such things, only to find that they too have discovered that everything they’ve read or been told regarding the Franklin victims allegations checks out. In other words, they make sense.
With that said I am very puzzled as to why you don’t believe what these victims have said. I’m also curious as to what parts of their stories do not make sense to you.
If you do not wish to discuss these things than simply let me know and I will leave it be. I really don’t care to bother you by asking these things if that is all you feel these questions do.
However, if that is the case, I feel it is worth mentioning that it will only leave me, and others, with the belief that you don’t have valid reasons to be doubting what Paul Bonacci, Noreen Gosch, and others like them have made known in regards to things surrounding the Franklin Scandal.If you prefer I ask these questions on your website, simply let me know and I will likely do so.

Take care.
And My Response Was…
Much of my distrust comes from past dealings with the people that you speak about.  Noreen- as Luke- was given mine and my family’s social security numbers by a woman named Rachel Bengly who was the founder of  She got them from my niece- who got them from my stepmother.  All of this was an attempt to stop the investigation that I was conducting into my past.

Rachel found me by my YouTube videos- a year and a half after I had been out there. has not been around as long as I did videos- and so I was told that it was a sponge site- bringing in survivors and finding out what they know and then turning on them and discrediting them.
While this was going on- I was banned from interacting with anyone on Franklin- and Noreen/Luke- and Paul- and some idiot named Jimmy did their best to convince people that I was a crazy pedophile looking for attention.  However- before I was banned- I did have some interaction with Paul- who told me that the Aquazinno brother’s aren’t related- which I know is a lie.
That got me thinking in a new way- what if the purported victims really aren’t victims at all- but part of the elaborate cover-up that was designed to keep this all quiet.  And quite effectively if I might add.
It has been this train of thought that has brought me the closest- and garnered the most critical of proponents.  I fail to see how things can be known in Omaha even now about the events that occurred here- but those “heavily” investigating them dont have a clue to things such as the Hollywood bar- where the snuff films took place- or the Stagedoor- which was right across the street from the police station (as was the Hollywood) were Sam Soda- a person of interest named in the Gosch case, worked.  Or Hummel Park.  Or Forest Lawn Cemetary.  Why were these key elements kept away from public consumption for thirty years?
Noreen Gosch called my sister repeatedly at night to get info from her.  I have had it suggested that maybe it was a double- like the one that her ex-husband took to John DeCamp’s office- but I think that, because she was dealing with me- and I was encouraging her to speak to my sis, thinking that I was helping- that chances are- it was Noreen and not some CIA weird “plant” person.  When it comes to who I believe- I will trust my sister against Noreen Gosch any day of the week.
Paul’s DID was used by the False Memory Foundation to discredit almost every claim of satanic ritual abuse that there was- as his case somehow became the mode of operand i for the rest of the nation.  I have watched the videos- and knowing what I do about DID- and I admit it is little- he seems to be acting- and not very convincingly.  Besides- thirty years later he has not come up with one ounce of new info.
Also- I am not sure how an abduction that occurred in West Des Moines, IA became synonymous with the Franklin case.  It has no place in things- and serves as more of a distraction than an actual case that could be merit any results in Omaha, NE.  It is my contention that what needs to be focused on is the system of corruption that took place here- and in order to do so- I wish to take it away from CIA doubles and all of the weird chaos that seems to surround the Johnny Gosch case.  It is logical- since it neither happened here- nor ended here, and is at best just another victims story- of which THERE ARE MANY.
Anyway- keep writing.  I am going to publish this to my blog- but I am going to present it for what it is- conversations with a skeptic.  Hope you don’t mind- but this is good stuff- and helps to really focus my thoughts on the problems that others might have but not have the gumption to say something.  Thank- you!!
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