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More About Franklin Credit and Those Involved….

I have been accused of making careless and unsubstantiated claims against those connected to Franklin Credit, esp. those who were on the side of victims, and I would like to explain myself so that people can understand. It is true that I do not trust Paul Bonacci at all.  I fail to understand how he […]

Left by Me in a Posting on 05/14/2012

I am not saying that they weren’t molested.  However- the logic of this case remains.  The Grand Jury didnt believe Paul either- and now that we are 30 years later- why has NOTHING COME OUT FROM PAUL? This doesn’t hurt my case in the least- and it is my opinion I have had for a […]

Sent to Me Via Email About Franklin- Kerrey and Buffett

“All of this is playing out against what appears to be a power struggle in Nebraska. Ben Nelson found it advisable not to run for re-election for US Senate for some reason, throwing his Senate seat up for grabs. The Establishment Republican candidate, Bruning may lose tomorrow’s primary to a conservative dark horse rancher named […]