Sent to Me Via Email About Franklin- Kerrey and Buffett

“All of this is playing out against what appears to be a power struggle in Nebraska. Ben Nelson found it advisable not to run for re-election for US Senate for some reason, throwing his Senate seat up for grabs. The Establishment Republican candidate, Bruning may lose tomorrow’s primary to a conservative dark horse rancher named Deb Fischer who has been endorsed by Sarah Palin amongst others. The Republican will be running against Democratic  former Senator Bob Kerrey, who was Senator from Nebraska at the time of the Franklin Cover-up. Kerrey was trailing badly in the polls against Bruning, by double digits. I haven’t seen any polls that show how Kerry runs  against Fischer.
And on top of everything else (or is it underneath everything else now?) there is the question of building the Keystone Pipeline through Nebraska and all the money that is being spent to buy the right of way for that leaky monstrosity. (Please note that I am not against tar sands oil per se and think that one pipeline route via Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri is probably quite enough. If another is needed, route it via the Colorado-Wyoming Niobrara Shale oil fields to the west of Nebraska).
We need to keep in mind that all of these abuse issues play out against the major local issues of the day. The child abuse of Franklin played out against a savings and loan because savings and loan associations was where the money was then. Current continuation of the Franklin Scandal will likely play out around the Senate race and/or Keystone because that’s where the money is flowing right now. In the case of Keystone, an awful lot of money.”


Paul Bonacci says that Tony, Emilio, and Mike – who were involved with the Johnny Gosch abduction, lived across the street from our family at one time, and who worked at the French Cafe -weren’t brothers.  This is a lie.  One of many, designed as a campaign of bullshit to mislead anyone who gets close to finding things out about the child trafficking ring that he ADMITS HE WAS A PART OF.

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