A Word about the Franklin Credit Scandal and the People Involved

It has been my experience that in researching Franklin that very few people involved are who or what they say they are.  The “official” story from the “official” people involved make as little sense as the story they are telling, and I want to remark on the particulars of the case I have investigated.

First and foremost- I do not believe Paul Bonacci and his story IN THE LEAST.  Here we have an individual who grew up in Omaha his whole life- still lives here in fact, and although he can tell details about being abused in Washington DC and the Bohemian Grove, he knows little to nothing about his own home town.  Being so incredibly involved like he claims- you would think that he would have some idea of the inner workings in his own home town- because Omaha even today is pretty much a small city compared to others, and things here get around fast and furious like any other small town.  Why does he not have any info on what happened in his own home town?

John DeCamp- the infamous person who “helped” the victims, who is an ex-Senator and who lead the investigation on Franklin- seems to know as little as those he purports to help.  He will quote Paul and go on and on about what a victim Paul is- and yet, says nothing about Alisha Owens, the girl who spent 12 years in jail for telling the truth about our police chief at the time, Robert Wadman.  Perhaps this is because Alisha, the only REAL victim between her, Paul Bonnacci and Troy Boner- actually hates DeCamp and has nothing good to say about the man.  Nothing is what it seems with this whole mess- and the fact that DeCamp rarely addresses Alisha shows that something is wrong with this picture.

Most of Franklin was dismissed by Paul Bonacci’s testimony to the grand jury- who deemed him too mentally ill with Dissociative Identity Disorder to take him seriously.  Watching the tapes of him at the time- it is obvious that something is seriously wrong.  However, the issue that I have is that Paul- who was so seriously mentally ill- cured HIMSELF WITHOUT THERAPY- and now runs a successful lawn care service with a wife and kids.  How did someone THAT MENTALLY ILL cure himself?  He is the first person with DID that I have ever been exposed to that cured himself of something that takes everyone else years of INTENSE THERAPY to get under control.  It is because of this that I have come to the conclusion that Paul is a liar- and working heavily on the other side to keep this quiet.

It is my personal belief that many of the stories surrounding Franklin Credit and those surrounding Johnny Gosch are complete and utter lies.  The only people who claim Johnny Gosch is still alive after being kidnapped are the same ones who say they were involved in his kidnapping.  I personally believe that the reason Nick Bryant- who wrote Franklin Scandal- couldn’t flush Johnny out of hiding is because Johnny is long since gone- and the only people who say he is still alive are the people involved with his kidnapping in the first place.

Most of the official stories of Franklin are designed to put people off- being so bizarre people just quit after a while because there is so much bullshit inundated with the truth that it is hard to decipher through.  That was my experience. And now that they are starting to threaten book owners who want to sell my book- it shows that I am pretty much on the right track with this way of thinking.    The simple fact of the matter is that a gun, drug, and child trafficking ring was taking place- and has been hidden by people like Bob Kerrey (who was the Nebraska governor at the time) and those who have the money to make this stay hidden, like Warren Buffett.  However- the internet has changed everything- and things that have remained hidden are not likely to remain so for very long.

It is time to take another LONGER look at Franklin with the perspective of fresh eyes, in order to dismiss that which doesn’t make sense in order to gleam the truth from all of the bull.  This is what I am pulling for.

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