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I am not saying that they weren’t molested.  However- the logic of this case remains.  The Grand Jury didnt believe Paul either- and now that we are 30 years later- why has NOTHING COME OUT FROM PAUL?

This doesn’t hurt my case in the least- and it is my opinion I have had for a long long time.  People who read my book don’t disregard me- because it makes sense.  Paul’s story doesn’t make any sense- which is why we are still here and havent gotten anywhere with this.

Johnny is still missing- and the Franklin case is still unsolved.  After thirty years of this- it would come to be that something is seriously wrong with the story.

The problem is that everyone wants to keep rehashing what has been done and said with the same people.  I have no interest in this- and since I am HEAVILY involved with all of this- I have a choice.  I chose to try and get this reinvestigated- without going down the same path that everyone has gone down thus far and achieved nothing.  Except for posting on sites like this- which hasn’t accomplished anything from what I can see.

I am not trying to be difficult- but I think that there is a push to keep the bullshit meter high on this one and keep everyone from looking around at it.  If Johnny IS ALIVE- why not a letter- some sort of proof.  It always gets said that proof isn’t neccesary- but in this case- unless someone can prove that Johnny Gosch is alive- PROVE IT- NOT JUST SAY IT, then it can be suggested that he is not around.  Proof is in the pudding- as they say.

I know that I am going to get slack for my views on all of this- and I am okay with that.  Our objective is to get to the bottom of this- and that is exactly what I am trying to do.  Not make friends- or go down the same path so that everyone stays comfortable.

The stuff you are quoting Rbeck is from Paul.  I want to see someone come forward that can prove that they helped Paul.  But after he told me that Tony, Mike, and Emilio weren’t related is when BIG RED FLAGS WENT UP FOR ME.

There is a push to keep all of this quiet- and those who have “tried” to expose all of this just want to hide.  I have no interest in hiding- and if my comments make people uncomfortable- I am sorry- but child trafficking needs to stop now- and this is a serious case of it.

oh- a few things- one- DeCamp has ruined his own rep in Nebraska, I had nothing to do with that.  Secondly- I have had serious problems with Noreen and don’t neccesarily trust her either.  And Troy Boner and I knew each other well- so I can safely and without reserve say that Boner was a pathological liar.  You guys all forget- I either knew- or have met everyone involved with all of this- as well as growing up in a family that was involved.  The only way to get this case solved, in my opinion, is to take it away from the gatekeepers that have worked so hard to keep it from really being looked at.


“They have their truth and you have yours. The difference is they aren’t criticizing you (not that Troy can defend himself now) for the claims you have made.”

No one in Nebraska believes the situation.  The difference between them and myself is that I havent been the one spearheading the investigation- or lack thereof- for 30 years now.

And Alecia- however you spell her name- is the only one who went to jail unjustly.  Troy didnt spend a day in jail- and I think that Troy got himself all involved in a situation that he couldn’t control.

I am not saying that they arent victims- but I dont know if they are programmed or not- but their stories have ALWAYS WORKED FOR THE OTHER SIDE.  Paul is generally used to dismiss it all.

The other part is that their truth has been heard- but mine hasn’t YET.  Yet being the key word.  I have a feeling that my “truth” as you say it will win out over the lies- because it is really what happened.

and Paul has critisized me- as has Noreen, Jimmy- and all the others situated in this mess.  I have been called a pedophile= crazy- a liar- and as well as having my families social security numbers going over the web and things like that.  I have NO REASON TO PLAY NICE- and so therefore I will act accordingly.

It was when Paul told me that Emilio, Tony, and Mike weren’t brothers that i knew something was up.

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