More About Franklin Credit and Those Involved….

I have been accused of making careless and unsubstantiated claims against those connected to Franklin Credit, esp. those who were on the side of victims, and I would like to explain myself so that people can understand.

It is true that I do not trust Paul Bonacci at all.  I fail to understand how he can know so much about the details of Franklin, and yet nothing was mentioned about the things I talk about in my video A Walking Tour through Pedophile Omaha, not to mention what was happening out at Hummel Park and Forest Lawn.  Simple facts about places like the Hollywood bar- where the snuff films were being filmed- were kept out of everything- and my question has always been why?  If Paul was indeed involved as a victim- then he should know these things- as Omaha is a small place and I am not the only one who knew what was happening.  Why not bring these things to light?  They aren’t all that secret in Omaha- so why has there NEVER BEEN MENTION OF THESE THINGS- until I came along?  How is it possible that Paul knows all about Bohemian Grove and Washington DC- but doesn’t know about his own hometown- where EVERYTHING WAS HAPPENING?  And then when he argued with me that Tony, Emilio, and Mike weren’t brothers- I realized that he was not telling the complete truth about what he was involved with.

I knew Troy Boner personally- and I knew him to be a liar and a thief- as he stole from me more than once.  Troy was a Baer boy- and Alan Baer called the shots until he died in 2006- so you tell me why so many Baer boys “committed suicide” but Paul was allowed to go and talk all he wanted.  Strange- I am being threatened even now talking about it- and yet Paul is allowed to thrive.  Interesting that his place is different in all of this in comparison to all the other victims, and it is his safeguarded status that makes me suspicious.

Also, most of Franklin was made to go away because of Paul’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, and later- that diagnosis of DID was used to make ALL THE CLAIMS OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE TO GO AWAY.  Even now there is a push to do this through Debbie Nathan’s book Sybil Exposed- were the diagnosis of DID is being associated with “satanic panic” so that both can promptly be dismissed.  I have worked with MANY survivors, and DID is not something you can easily overcome- and from my experience with talking with Paul on was that he was articulate and, for the most part, normal.  What a change has occurred- and yet- still no new info about Omaha- and that which has come out he has argued- such as the Aquazinno brother’s not being related.

Franklin somehow became all about Johnny Gosch- and the issues surrounding that case.  Noreen wrote a book about how she believes her husband sold Johnny and then did this elaborate cover-up that included Noreen impersonators- a story, along with his return at 27, that has done nothing other than help people disregard the whole Franklin thing as fantasy.  I don’t believe that this is an accident- and in fact I believe that it is just the opposite- that this is an intentional thing to keep anyone from delving too far into Franklin to see that it was all about a gun, drug, and child trafficking ring.

I fail to see why the facts of this case have remained hidden when there has been such a push to “expose” this for thirty years now.  But what we have now that we haven’t had before is HISTORY.  What has been said can now be reviewed in light of this new information, and be compared to the real story to ascertain why this has remained hidden for so long.  It is true that Paul could just be ignorant of the facts I present in Rabbit Hole- as could John DeCamp- but the fact that Omaha is such a small town- chances are this wasn’t secret to those heavily involved- as I am far from the only person who remembers the stuff I have talked about in my book.  Omaha is a small town- people talk- and had there been a real investigation- these things would NOT have remained hidden in my opinion.  Therefore= everything needs to be relooked at- and that includes the Johnny Gosch case to see if it is actually involved with the child trafficking that was going on in the area.

My point is eventually Paul will be asked the same questions I am asking.  I have wanted to ask John DeCamp these questions- but he constantly fails to meet with me or talk with me or even interact.  Of course- in the position that he is- his place is also going to come under question- as he was not only the lawyer but one of the investigators in the whole ordeal.

I am taking this case away from the gatekeepers.  My sis spoke on a phone conference with Doug Millar and John DeCamp came on only long enough to deflect what my sis was saying in order to bring up Paul B. and make sure that people believed he was the only one who could adequately explain Franklin and DID.  Noreen used to call my sis late at night after my sis had taken her pills and probe her for info for some time- until my sis put a stop to it.  The fact is that people in town are threatened that my sis and I are coming forward- because it dispels the bullshit that has been associated with this case for 30 years.

With the new focus- I think that things are going to come out showing that those involved in “helping to expose Franklin” have done nothing of the sort.  Strong claim- but it is my opinion knowing what I do.  It is the whole reason why this has remained hidden and under a cloud of inane ridiculousness for 30 years now.

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