A Conversation with Noreen Gosch/LukeJ on FranklinFiles.net 5/16/2012

Lukej:  David S. went on a rant again, attacking Paul Bonacci, Noreen and apparently others

Looking:  Yea he did – I went back and forth with him about it

Lukej:  oh really,  you were here when it happened?

Looking:  Yes, I went back and forth with him at length in the thread

Lukej:  back and forth concerning “what”?

Looking:  And Noreen

Lukej:  yes he attacked Noreen too

Looking:  He basically he thinks Noreen is part of the cover-up ragarding both Franklin and her son’s kidnapping

Looking:  *basically said

Rbeck:  I tried to Post some things to correct David like the court testimony and statements Paul made

Lukej:  you have to understand David gets most of his so called information from his Shammin and then acts like it is “fact”.    Then periodically he goes on these “rants” where he is out of control.

DavidShurter: that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard said

DavidShurter: but then you got that from my family

DavidShurter: interesting

DavidShurter: why is it you dont call my sis late at night anymore and ply her for info?

Lukej:  he even said ” Noreen called his sister late at night many times”.   Noreen spoke to his sister once and she nothing to offer so that was the first and last conversation

Looking:  Second to your claims about Noreen, Paul, Troy, John DeCamp and others perhaps David?

DavidShurter: they are all one and the same

DavidShurter: and it wont be too hard to point that out to people

Lukej:  lol   I feel another “rant” coming on… LOL

DavidShurter: why- i was having so much fun watching you Noreen

Looking:  If I post my thoughts on your blog about what you claim regarding the claims you’ve made against everyone I just named – will you let them stay or will you delete them because they stand in opposition to your beliefs?

DavidShurter: ill post them

DavidShurter: in fact looking- email me and ill put give it its own page

DavidShurter: but do your homework first- read not only my book but Noreens as well

DavidShurter: if you dont have it- ill send you a copy

Lukej:  David has some deep problems…. which causes him to go on these rants.

DavidShurter: yeah- that is why xxxxxxxx at the xxxxxxxx got threatened by the mafia over my book

Looking:  I really don’t care to deride you David, as I feel you shed new worthwhile light on things regarding the goings-on in Omaha, but I don’t understand your thoughts regading Noreen, Paul and others

DavidShurter: Noreen- you are the one who has issues- why you post under Luke I have no idea

Looking:  If you are willing to send me a copy, I will take you up on that offer

DavidShurter: tell ya what- ill post all the stuff i have about them on my site

DavidShurter: that way you can see it for yourself

DavidShurter: far be it from me to keep the info

Lukej:  oh people like to say “the mafia did this or the mafia did that”,  better call in Geraldo again, maybe he can open the vault for you

DavidShurter: Noreen- that is your gig- not mine

DavidShurter: people are already looking at EVERYTHING differently

DavidShurter: and i have history to back me

DavidShurter: karma can be a bitch-

Looking:  Would you mind me emailing you at some point about things, David? Like I said, it is not my desire to mock or deride you – but I am only being honest when I tell you I find your allegations against Noreen, Paul and others to be unfounded and that you haven’t presented much up to this point in regards to those claims that lends any truthfulness to them.

DavidShurter: that is because you dont know the situation.  davidshurter1@gmail.com

DavidShurter: i would be delighted to email back and forth and would like to publish it on my blog if you dont mind from time to time

Lukej:  Again, David gets his info from his SHAMMIN  so take it with a grain of salt/sand or what ever is handy

DavidShurter: Noreen- obviously you havent read my book.  unfortuante- because i READ yours

DavidShurter: and it is spelled shaman- or shamanism

DavidShurter: everyone seems afraid but me

Lukej:  LOL  now that is a joke

DavidShurter: please- do tell- what do you find funny about it?

Lukej:  but it it makes you feel better to think people are afraid of you… then knock yourself out

DavidShurter: otherwise my booksellers wouldnt be getting late night calls

DavidShurter: but of course that wont work with the survivorship conference i am speaking at

Looking:  I’m not as new to Franklin as you may think I am. I certainly don’t claim to know everything, or even most of what has gone on regarding Franklin though . I am always willing to learn more. I’ll discuss whether I care if you post are email exchanges once I actually email you if you don’t mind.

DavidShurter: no worries- let me know

DavidShurter: i decided to appeal to the survivors- not the media

DavidShurter: the media only sells misinformation in my opinion

DavidShurter: interesting that was the route you all took- and how well it panned out for all of you

DavidShurter: in fact- you are the only ones who are visable to Franklin

DavidShurter: wow- i need to blog tonight

Looking:  when you say ” you are the only ones” , who are referring to by “you” ?

Looking:  …anyone?

Lukej:  i am still here

Looking:  Why do people claim your Noreen, Luke? Or is it just David now? HAdn’t others in here before?

Lukej:  they are idiots ….. lol    David has some real mental problems for years now … so take it with a grain of salt

Looking:  I don’t think you’re Noreen, but I thought I heard you were one of her investigators – is that true?

Lukej:  I have worked on this case for a very long time “with Noreen”,    Yes, I am an investigator on the case… tht seems to bother David for some reason, not sure why

DavidShurter: no you are Noreen herself

DavidShurter: sorry- it took me some time to copy the chat

Looking:  what makes you believe that David?

DavidShurter: i felt it was too good not to share

Lukej:  see what I mean

DavidShurter: noone who reads my book thinks im crazy Noreen

DavidShurter: now you on the other hand

DavidShurter: but you are far from crazy- even with all that hair

DavidShurter: you are sly- and incredibly cunning

DavidShurter: everything a true gatekeeper should be


So now that the cat is out of the bag- it is true- I don’t trust Noreen Gosch at all.  We have 2,185 kids disappearing a day and she has this fanciful tale about how her son came back at 27 but was too scared to leave the men he was with.  No cards- no letters- nothing.  No evidence.  But the sad truth to this tale is that, at least around here- it helped people dismiss the whole thing about Franklin.  Somehow Johnny Gosch- a boy who was abducted in my aunt’s stomping grounds of West Des Moines- became the figure head of Franklin Credit- as Franklinfiles.net is a tribute too.  A story too bizarre to be believed- told by a woman who has a ridiculous mass of black hair for her little head= which I believe FURTHER increases in peoples minds how crazy the whole story is.

I published tonight’s conversation because Noreen likes publicity- and so that is what I think she needs.  It helped me come out of the closet so to speak- so that I don’t have to bother traveling this road with the very same people who have done nothing but help deter people for years with wasted promises of ‘SOMETHING IS IN THE WORKS THIS VERY MINUTE” and yet that minute has never come- 30 years later.  I believe there is a reason for that- and that it has everything to do with gatekeepers keeping all of Franklin under wraps.

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