A Spiritual Confession

What if I told all of you that I believe that we are in the Reckoning, right now- at this very moment?  What if I followed it up by saying that everything that is dying around us is waking up on a new realm of experience, and that a great siphoning is happening concerning the light and dark in this realm, especially where it concerns our individual souls?  Would you look at me as if I was mad, or would it interest you to the point where you wanted to learn more?

What if I told you that the coven that I belonged to as a child bound themselves to me spiritually?  Believing in an event that they were certain lie in my future as the up and coming Anti-Christ, they enacted ritual after ritual, complete with human sacrifice, in order to bind their allegiance to the being they were convinced would inhabit me when I reached adulthood.  However, what if I told you that God had other plans?

What if I told you that God came to those in power as a thief in the night so to speak, and that, through my life’s experiences, I was given the strength to face my destiny and relay a message to the deity that was supposedly to consume me?  Given a choice- I chose to help this being back to God rather than use his power to rule the world, believing in the power of love.  What if I told you that I believe that “Satan” and all his minion were embraced back into Heaven- discovering that they have been doing the will of Heaven all along- as no one- not even they- can thwart the Will of God?  What if I told you that is how God works- embracing His “enemy”, as it has been written repeatedly in almost every  ancient spiritual text?  That God is Love, and that means love for all?

What if I told you that less than two weeks after this event- the Republican Party fell apart in such a way that you needed a scorecard  to keep up with the scandals- (which was in January of 2007)?  What if I told you that the reason why the Systems all seem to be falling apart the way they are is because the power that fueled them is no longer, since those who were giving their power now give their allegiance to God?  What if I told you that the Lake of Fire we have been taught to believe in is a fairy tale, and that God follows Heaven’s rules by way of Loving?  Would it go over your head and heart, or would you see the truth in what I am trying to convey?

What if I told you that, even though God will wait until the end of Eternity for all of his flock to return, although there is not a lake of fire, there is a Darkness that will consume all who share it’s nature?  Heaven’s only wish is to bring us to our heart’s desire, and so, as a gift, those who claim the darkness will, in turn, be claimed by the darkness.  That especially adheres to those who were so prevalent in my childhood, who so desired the dark that they did whatever they could to embrace it in any way they could.  What if I told you that the reason why I have remained safe is because there are certain individuals who realize that once a ritual has been performed- it can’t be taken back- and that they realize that I realize just exactly what their intentions were?

In my childhood, I learned to identify and influence energy.  That was my gift.  As a practicing Shaman- I have furthered that training in such a way that I realize that Heaven and all who reside within exist without a doubt in my mind.  With that knowledge has come strength- which has helped me to do the things that I have.  A belief that it only takes one to wake the masses, I have also discovered that I am far from the only, and- in fact- there are thousands if not a hundred thousand of us who have been trained for God’s army, for it has become my belief that is what God has intended for us.  What if I told you that I believe what I experienced was God’s training camp- and had I not been brought so close to the darkness, I probably would have never realized the full Glory of the Light?  Unable to eradicate God’s promise of personal choice, many- if not all of us that survived, did so because we chose to embrace the Light, thus giving us the strength of character to be able to adapt to the evil that was perpetrated on us.  What if I told you that God allowed all of this to make all of us stronger- and that once we let go of the fear, it enables the light within us to shine in such a way that it influences and attracts others?  What if I told you that God and all of Heaven is with us RIGHT NOW, dwelling not only all around us, but also within us as us?  Would you pick up a stone to throw at me, or would you look within yourselves to see if I might be speaking the truth?

It is, as always, an individual choice.  As it is my choice to share with you what has been shown to me throughout my journeys, both in this realm, and in Heaven’s.  My practice has been criticized by some in the past, and so I figured that it was time to come clean with what exactly it is that I believe.  In no way has my spiritual practice determined the facts of the investigation that I have chosen to pursue, but that isn’t to say that it hasn’t influenced my perception on life, esp. my life, as a whole.  I do believe that we are in a period of Great Judgment, and that the fact remains, first and foremost, that if those who have chosen to embrace the dark don’t come clean, they will be claimed.  These are not new rules, but the fact that they are being applied so diligently at this point in time is no accident either.  Those who taught me what they did will grasp exactly what it is that I am saying and they will act accordingly- or not.  Whatever their choices- the rules of this game remain the same- Come Clean or Be Claimed.


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