I Gave A Shout Out to the Ron Paul Campaign Today

Let’s see if he responds any better than Obama, who was a definite “no go” on getting justice the day I contacted the Democratic Headquarters- both nationally and locally-and told them of my investigation, sending them to my website.  It was the same day that Omaha was called “Obamaha” for the day.  A boring story, it was the whole reason that I am not an Obama fan- because he turned his back on dead poor children and publicly embraced some of the very men who made all of this mess in Omaha possible.

We will see if Ron Paul is any better.


And the Associated Press at INFO@ap.org is either having problems- or they have blocked my emails.  Interesting.


Left on my Facebook page and had to share because I agree totally…   5/28/2012

“If he really is on the up and up, he will do something to expose what is really going on amongst our ruling class, but I imagine while running for office he will completely ignore and distance himself from your assertions.

This would be most understandable, but an honest Ron Paul would do everything in his power to expose the elite pedophile ring which he has to be well aware of. The clock is ticking on this one……if he doesn’t say something we will know he was merely an actor all along.”

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