The Eighteenth Annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference

SAVE THE DATE: April 28, 2012
The Eighteenth Annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference:
will be on April 28th, 2012, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm,
at the Veterans Memorial Center, 203 East 14th Street, Davis, California

As always, the 2012 ISSB Conference will be offered at no-cost and no-registration,
so that all who care to may attend, and can remain anonymous if they so choose.

We are still working on the agenda and Speakers. Stay tuned, or send an email to to get on the email list.


Our Mission:

By bearing witness to the sexual abuse crimes committed against us and our children, and/or speaking out as adult survivors, the Incest Survivors Speakers Bureau of California is a catalyst for change by:

    • Bringing into focus the face of the child who still suffers sexual abuse,
    • Carrying the message that all of us in society are damaged by this crime,
    • Advocating for reform: partnering with supportive government, non-profit,
      and corporate entities to achieve the common goal of protecting children from abuse,
    • Serving as an information resource for our community,
    • Encouraging and supporting other survivors,
    • Facilitating our own healing, thus sending the message that healing is possible.
Our Roots:
In 1993, several women in Yolo County, California, attended a workshop held in San Francisco at the Breaking the Silence/Breaking the Cycle conference on sexual abuse recovery. Speaker-playwright Libbe Halevy spoke about the need for survivors to become active in their communities by forming speakers bureaus to inform the public about the profound effects of incest.

A grassroots effort created the ISSB, whose members today speak publicly to raise awareness about the devastating emotional, physical, behavioral, medical, and societal aftereffects of child sex abuse.

From 1993-1994 we simply called ourselves The ISSB. From 1995-May 2009 we called ourselves ISSB of Yolo county. We began to have members in many other counties in California, so, finally, in May 2009, we changed our name to ISSB of California.

ISSB California Officers

Andrea Ransdell, Executive Director
and Founding Member
Heather Markert, Legislative Director
Kathy Dreyer, Research Adviser
and Founding Member

ISSB Advisory Board

Sandy Dubois, Founding Member
Abby Hamilton, Social Worker
and Founding Member
Marla Stuart, Founding Member
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