A Somewhat Paranoid Rant…

When I was young, I was taught that there would eventually be a huge take over by those in control, and all of the “eaters and breeders” would be corralled and controlled.  Eaters and breeders are all the people who are not in control.  I have always dismissed this talk as nothing more than the rant of narcissists who were consumed by their own desires.  However, as things have been progressing since the first of the year- I must wonder if this is not somehow true.

The fact that our government signed papers that enable it to detain people indefinitely without due process during the past holiday, pretty much in secret as the media didn’t bother to cover it, was bad enough- but now with SOPA, and the fact that our government wants to hand control of the internet over to big business is another sign that there is a huge push to control the info that is being delivered to the people.  Controlling information has been a priority of our government for years- as we have basically dumbed down the schools with No Child Left Behind to the point that 50% of graduating seniors are not at a proficient reading level.  All of this has been largely ignored by our media- which is controlled by the rich. 

Keeping the people ignorant- the same type of behavior that happened in Omaha in the 80s is happening on an even larger scale today in America as a whole.  Controlling the media and the info that the people are exposed too- it allows our elite masters to do what they wish, without anyone being able to offer any kind of dissent.  Cracking down on the freedom of the internet is just one more example of our government trying to take over and control the masses.  Eventually- someone is GOING to take advantage of all of this- and I fear that we will see a reenactment of what happened in America at the when we began to arbitrarily detain Japanese citizens after Pearl Harbor, or, better yet, what happened in Germany during the same war.  This time however, it seems that our leaders can do it to ordinary American’s on American soil.  At a time when no one else in the world wants to save us, so if we start to enact- say, work camps for those who can’t pay their bills, none of us can expect the Calvary to ride in and save us.  Unfortunately- that is up to us.

The question is- will we allow this to happen quietly and without incidence- or will we do what is necessary to bring America back in line to helping its citizens rather than hindering them? We must do more than just vote- we all must become INVOLVED!  The world will not change unless we all unite to change it together.  Can we do it?   It remains to be seen- but one thing is for certain; our government is busy planning something, and if we don’t start standing up soon, time might just run out.

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