January 23, 2012 A Note to Survivors

In my battle to overcome the misconceptions that the False Memory people want to promote, I have discovered that there is, once again, a strong push to dismiss the claims that survivors of satanic ritual abuse with government involvement are making.  Using things like the case of Sybil, who had dissociative identity disorder, (once called multiple personality disorder)- they are trying to associate the diagnosis of DID with satanic ritual abuse, even though Sybil never claimed to be a victim of such, in such a way that one is compelled to dismiss it all in one fell swoop.  However, this time will not be so easy.

As a survivor working with other survivors, I have discovered that our group has abilities that others do not have.  Surviving situations that were nothing short of a continuation of what was happening in the concentration camps during the Holocaust, we have experienced a side of the human condition that most people have not had to face.  Not only did we face it, but we survived, becoming stronger than what we were before.  Many of us have an innate understanding of the world around us that allows us to see what most of the population can’t yet, and it was because of what we went through that made all of this possible.

They only picked the best and brightest, and even those of us who are the most broken have to admit that we stand out as such even now.  It is hard to face the isolation of our pasts, but just like the abuse is over, so is the concept of alienation.  There are simply too many of us out here.  Honestly, there is little reason to despair and more reason to rejoice- for not only are we coming into our own- but we are finding each other in larger and larger groups, enabling us to work together as a force to change the world as we know it.

Manipulating our fears, many of us have remained quiet, afraid of the ridicule that could ensue if we came clean about our lives- but the time for that is also over.  There are so many of us out here that realize what happened to all of us was not only possible- but more importantly- probable.  No longer able to be denied, we have all started to come together collectively, thus forming a voice that will enable us to educate and hopefully stop the injustices that have been done to us from happening to future generations, and we owe it to ourselves and each other to do what we can to strengthen that voice within our own individual selves.  We are only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be, but taught what we were; we have the abilities to raise the entire consciousness of the human race if we work at it, all in order to save future generations of children from enduring what we had to.

There are conferences going on- one in Davis CA  in April, one in Oakland CA in May, and another in Hartford CT in August, (just to name a few), information of which can be found on my website DavidShurter.com.  Organizations such as Survivorship, (Survivorship.org), and the NATRC, (NATRCoalition.org) are out there educating and reaching out to survivors, and we are finally finding the camaraderie that we have longed for such a long time.  Finally having reached a point where we are coming together- we all speak the same language of survivorship, and many of us have begun to garner a new perspective on just what we are capable of if we put the time and effort into it.  Quite simply- we were taught to change the world- and that is exactly what we are able to do.  Now is the time to let our collective light shine!

So think about attending one or more of the conferences- check out the websites and personally engage yourselves into believing that we have a good chance of fixing for others what wasn’t able to be fixed for us. I believe that it is through each other that we will find ourselves, and that these opportunities will enable us as individuals to educate ourselves in such a way that we will all be able to become more involved as a collective force instead of having to fight this battle alone.   Take my word for it- it makes the journey much easier- and a whole lot more fun!

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  1. Jennifer

     /  March 5, 2012

    I have to applaud your bravery and leadership. My therapist told me a few years back that evil is highly organized. What would happen if people such as ourselves became highly organized. The fact is most of the cult people are drug addicts, alcoholics and lack discipline. I remembered the cult programmer and seeing needle marks on his arms. When I realized he was a heroine addict, I realized they can be defeated.