Corey Haim, the National Enquirer, and David Shurter

“Brascia did an interview with the National Enquirer in August of 2015, and he claimed to name the person who raped Haim. Harrison says the National Enquirer knew that Brascia was lying but helped cover up his alleged involvement.”

I personally have been in contact with a journalist with the National Enquirer by the name of Mike Jaccarino, and have several emails back and forth after speaking to him on the phone.

If it is true that the National Enquirer is helping to cover this up- then I guess I can’t expect much, but I guess it remains to be seen.

But this situation with Haim in Hollywood is a GLOBAL issue, and isn’t just in Hollywood- which is what I have told Mr. Jaccarino.

Lets see what happens- but I have always wondered- if they have been investigating this for four years, why don’t any of us know more about it than we do right now?

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