Spence Everson on DavidShurter.com and AwakeRadio.us- MKUltra Programs and Their Toys: What They Are-What They Do

This was my third interview for DavidShurter.com on AwakeRadio.com and was actually the HARDEST and most frustrating one I have done tp date. Not because of the subject matter- nor because of the guest- but because of the tech attacks we experienced during it. This interview started on Sunday- but 1/2 way through Skype shut down my server- which I know because they sent me a message. And today- trying to finish the last hour- although you can’t really tell from the recording- I was getting static through most of it and I was fading in and out for Spence.

Here is a list of some of the patents of the weapons that we are speaking of…



US PATENT 3,951,134 – APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REMOTELY MONITORING AND ALTERING BRAIN WAVES–Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.

US PATENT 5,159,703 – SILENT SUBLIMINAL PRESENTATION SYSTEM –A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers.


US PATENT: US5629678:IMPLANTABLE TRANSCEIVER-Apparatus for Tracking And Recovering Humans.

US PATENT FOR BARCODE TATTOO–Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale transactions. A method is presented for facilitating sales transactions by electronic media. A bar code or a design is tattooed on an individual. Before the sales transaction can be consummated, the tattoo is scanned with a scanner. Characteristics about the scanned tattoo are compared to characteristics about other tattoos stored on a computer database in order to verify the identity of the buyer. Once verified, the seller may be authorized to debit the buyer’s electronic bank account in order to consummate the transaction. The seller’s electronic bank account may be similarly updated.

US PATENT 5,539,705 – ULTRASONIC SPEECH TRANSLATOR AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM–A wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency methods for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustical pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids, or solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves back to the original audio signal. The ultrasonic speech translator and communication system (20) includes an ultrasonic transmitting device (100) and an ultrasonic receiving device (200). The ultrasonic transmitting device (100) accepts as input (115) an audio signal such as human voice input from a microphone (114) or tape deck.

US PATENT 5,629,678 – PERSONAL TRACKING AND RECOVERY SYSTEM—Apparatus for tracking and recovering humans utilizes an implantable transceiver incorporating a power supply and actuation system allowing the unit to remain implanted and functional for years without maintenance. The implanted transmitter may be remotely actuated, or actuated by the implantee. Power for the remote-activated receiver is generated electromechanically through the movement of body muscle. The device is small enough to be implanted in a child, facilitating use as a safeguard against kidnapping, and has a transmission range which also makes it suitable for wilderness sporting activities. A novel biological monitoring feature allows the device to be used to facilitate prompt medical dispatch in the event of heart attack or similar medical emergency. A novel sensation-feedback feature allows the implantee to control and actuate the device with certainty.

US PATENT 5,760,692 – INTRA-ORAL TRACKING DEVICE-An intra-oral tracking device adapted for use in association with a tooth having a buccal surface and a lingual surface, the apparatus comprises a tooth mounting member having an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface including adhesive material.

US PATENT 5,868,100 – FENCELESS ANIMAL CONTROL SYSTEM USING GPS LOCATION INFORMATION–A fenceless animal confinement system comprising portable units attached to the animal and including means for receiving GPS signals and for providing stimulation to the animal. The GPS signals are processed to provide location information which is compared to the desired boundary parameters. If the animal has moved outside the desired area, the stimulation means is activated. The signal processing circuitry may be included either within the portable unit or within a separate fixed station.

US PATENT 5,905,461 – GLOBAL POSITIONING SATELLITE TRACKING DEVICE—A global positioning and tracking system for locating one of a person and item of property. The global positioning and tracking system comprises at least one tracking device for connection to the one of the person and item of property including a processing device for determining a location of the tracking device and generating a position signal and a transmitter for transmitting said position signal.

US PATENT 5,935,054 – MAGNETIC EXCITATION OF SENSORY RESONANCES—The invention pertains to influencing the nervous system of a subject by a weak externally applied magnetic field with a frequency near 1/2 Hz. In a range of amplitudes, such fields can excite the 1/2 sensory resonance, which is the physiological effect involved in “rocking the baby”.

US PATENT 5,952,600 -ENGINE DISABLING WEAPON– A non-lethal weapon for disabling an engine such as that of a fleeing car by means of a high voltage discharge that perturbs or destroys the electrical circuits.


US PATENT 6,014,080 – BODY WORN ACTIVE AND PASSIVE TRACKING DEVICE –Tamper resistant body-worn tracking device to be worn by offenders or potential victims for use in a wireless communication system receiving signals from a global positioning system (GPS).

US PATENT 6,017,302 – SUBLIMINAL ACOUSTIC MANIPULATION OF NERVOUS SYSTEMS –In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply subliminal range. Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak subaudio acoustic radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures, and anxiety disorders. There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with subaudio frequency.

US PATENT 6,051,594 – METHODS AND FORMULATIONS FOR MODULATING THE HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE–The invention is directed to improved methods for modulating the human sexual response by orally administering a formulation of the vasodilator phentolamine to the blood circulation and thereby modulating the sexual response on demand.

US PATENT 6,052,336 – APPARATUS AND METHOD OF BROADCASTING AUDIBLE SOUND USING ULTRASONIC SOUND AS A CARRIER–An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. If the signals are amplitude modulated, a square root function of the information input signal is produced prior to modulation. The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound.

MK Patents

3773049 1973 Apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Dieases with heat, light sound, and vhf radiation
3837331 1974 System and Method for Controlling the Nervous System of a living organism
3884218 1975 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Various Stages of Sleep in the Human Being
3893450 1975 Method and Apparatus for Brain Waveform Examination
3951134 1976 Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves
3967616 1976 Mutichannel System for and a Multifactorial Method of Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism
4335710 1982 Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns
4354505 1982 Method of and Apparatus for Testing and Indicating Relaxation State of a Human Being
4573449 1986 Method for Stimulating the Falling Asleep and/or Relaxing Behavior of a Person
4717343 1988 Method of Changing a Person’s Behavior (TV)
4834701 1989 Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave
4858612 1989 Hearing Device (Microwave hearing)
4877027 1989 Hearing System (Microwave hearing)
5036858 1991 Method and Apparatus for Changing Brain Wave Frequency
5159703 1992 Silent Subliminal Presentation System (Lowery)
5213562 1993 Method of Inducing Mental Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, Including Specific Activity
5330414 1994 Brain Wave Inducing Apparatus
5356368 1994 Method and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness
5507291 1996 Method and an Associated Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as to Person’s Emotional State
5629678 1997 Personal Tracking and Recovery System
5760692 1998 Intra-Oral Tracking Device
5935054 1999 Magnetic Excitation of Sensory Resonances
5952600 1999 Engine Disabling Weapon
6006188 1999 Speech Signal Processing for Determining Psychological or Physiological Characteristics Using a Data base
6011991 2000 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity
6017302 2000 Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation of Nervous System
6052336 2000 Apparatus and Method of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasound as a Carrier
6960975 2005 Space Vehicle Propelled by the Pressure of Inflationary Vacuum State

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