A Clarification As To Whom “Mike” Was From Mark Grinshpun Concerning His Article on Noreen Gosch

I asked for clarification- and I would like to post what he sent me…

“It was information that Noreen claims her private investigator got by going door to door in a 5 block radius. Mike was a boy who was looking out his upstairs bedroom window and saw a blue van waiting, then saw a car come up to the van and transfer something long and rolled up in a blanket into the waiting van, then the van speeds off onto the highway.

It was on the Faith Daniels Show that Noreen said “we kept this information for ourselves, we didn’t tell the press or anyone about the blue van, because one day, we knew someone would come forward with infomation about the blue van and we would know that person was telling the truth and Paul Bonacci was that person”

That is verbatim what she said in 1991, but then come 2015 in the documentary film in which there is an illustrated detailed map of the September 5 morning of the streets with the people and the vehicles BUT THERES NO BLUE VAN IN THE STORY ANYMORE!

Now it’s just Mike saw Johnny slumped over on his wagon like he was sick then two men put him in the ford farlane blue CAR and sped off toward the freeway.

But what about the blue van?? I thought that’s what validated Paul Bonnaci’s story for you all those years ago?? There is Bonacci in the documentary film, but the part of this fairy-tale that validated him…is not.”

Yet ANOTHER discrepancy in all of this- and this case is just BEGGING to be re-looked at in my opinion!! And this is ME saying this- joining in the chorus that Mark- and many others like him- have been singing for AWHILE NOW!

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