NOREEN GOSCH: The Deceiver, the Liar, and the Gatekeeper

Written by Mark Grinshpun

Approximately two years ago I discovered a name while reading a list entitled “The 5 most Mysterious Missing Persons”. Number two on this list really grabbed me and all of my attention, which was the name was Johnny Gosch. Now most everyone who knows the name Johnny Gosch also knows of a scandal and cover-up to follow called ‘the “Franklin credit union scandal” but the question for me became- what does a boy kidnapped in West Des Moines Iowa have anything to do with a savings and loan in Omaha Nebraska?

After I became interested in this missing boy Johnny Gosch- I went all in to looking into this. I mean 100%. I watched every single interview I could find that had the names of all the major players in this mess: such as Noreen, Paul Bonacci, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Troy Boner, Alisha Owen, Rusty Nelson, Jim Rothstien, Jeff Gannon and many more. And I didn’t just listen once but repeatedly- over and over and over again. As a result I started to analyze them and dissect them.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt that the story being presented was beyond bizarre and that this was being done, for some reason, on purpose- so much so that it generally always reached a point to where most people who look into it soon reach a point where they just can’t digest any more of it and kind zone out. This results with them making the quick and easy conclusion of “oh my lord, you poor woman I don’t know how you lived through this”, and never analyzing this case again.

And this is all being done, I believe, by design.

Then one day I came across a YouTube video entitled “The truth about Noreen Gosch” by David Shurter. Naturally I clicked on it, wanting to hear ‘the truth’ about Noreen Gosch. In my mind I was saying “What? What truth about Noreen? I already know the story. I just want to know where Johnny Gosch is!”

So I listened to what David had to say about Noreen, and it gave me a reason to go back and re-listen to every single Noreen interview again, right from the bat- to see if the basic skeleton of her story always stayed the same or not. What I discovered is that there are details- HUGE details- that come and go and change all throughout the years she has told her story.

In fact, some of these discrepancies are just TOO BIG to be an accident.

First and foremost is her husband John Gosch. In the year 2005- she claimed- in court in 1999- on the stand- that Paul Bonacci stated that the kidnappers got the “ok go” call from John Gosch the morning of the kidnapping. Now here in 2016 we can see John Gosch in the documentary film “Who took Johnny” where there is NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF JOHN GOSCH being involved with his sons kidnapping.

Also in 2005 on the Michael Corbin show- Noreen states that it was years after Bonacci came forward that she actually talked to Paul Bonnaci because her husband kept it a secret from her (that Bonacci had come forward) and that he- John Gosch- took a Noreen lookalike to the jail to speak to Bonacci. She was well known for often remarking “Will the REAL Noreen Gosch please stand up” because of this claim.

However, on the Faith Daniels show in 1990- the history has obviously changed because there is footage of Noreen SPEAKING TO BONACCI IN JAIL ON THE PHONE.

Also- the part of her story that she claims validates Paul Bonacci is the blue van waiting a block over that “Mike” saw from his bedroom window. But in roughly half of her interview stories this van is not of mention at all. It has become ‘they stuffed “the body” (as she refers to her child) into the blue Ford Fairlane car and hit the freeway’ which has become the NEW version w/out the van.

I will provide my references and you have to put in the work and do the mental pushups but I guarantee you will end up connecting the dots just like so many of us that are waking up to the fact that Noreen Gosch is a bold faced liar!

Also- in many of these interviews- how exactly does she have exact times of when Johnny left the house? Was she up? Why didn’t she go with him if she was? She says in 2005 on the Michael Corbin show that Johnny wanted to go alone but she FORBID it and that her husband John would go that morning; so why wasn’t she furious with John when they woke up? Why wasn’t she like ‘Omg why aren’t you with Johnny’?

Then what really gets me is in a 2004 interview with William Wagner she says “oh if it wasn’t September 5 on the paper route it would have been after school or something”. What parent talks like this about their abducted child!?! I would think that as a parent you would want to bend every single detail of that morning to say “if only we did this or if only we did that different” but NO- she takes all responsibility off of her and her husband and gives all credit to the “kidnappers”.

This now brings me to something called “duping delight” which is what happens when someone who is lying is taking such pride in their deception that a slight smile or giggle will happen. And folks- let me tell you- WATCH THE INTERVIEWS AND ESP. THE DOCUMENTARY. In these you will see incredible duping delight from Noreen and also John. Also- realize that their appearance and emotions do NOT fit those of parents frantically trying to find their lost son.

Throughout the videos and in the film you will see John and Noreen even throwing in a few jokes here and there which is a glaring example of how their behavior is not AT ALL fitting of the situation.

It is my personal opinion that is Noreen, DeCamp, Gunderson and the rest of their camp they are all gatekeepers to the child kidnapping rings connected to Franklin and that they are there to make these stories so incredibly unbelievable and convoluted that anyone trying to understand or research Franklin or Johhny Gosch just gets so lost in all of it that they just dismiss it all- preventing us from hearing the real story of Franklin or what really happened to Johnny Gosch.

There is also a seven degrees of separation sort of thing with all of this as Gunderson’s ex-wife left him for Michael Aquino and wouldn’t you know that Gunderson’s findings have Johnny being bought in Sioux City Iowa by none other than, you guessed it: Michael Aquino.

The entire story is BS and more importantly Noreen is full of shit. In my opinion, if Johnny was sold at all- it was by both of his parents, which is detailed in a YouTube video entitled “Noreen Gosch False Flag”

And what of Jeff Gannon- that male prostitute that was in George Bush Sr.’s White House as a media correspondent that no one- to this day- can explain where he came from, how he got there, or really who he was? In 2005 Noreen, Jim Rothstien, Ted Gunderson, John Decamp, Paul Bonacci and the entire gang was CERTAIN Jeff Gannon was Johnny, but in 2016 and in the documentary not a single word of Gannon was mentioned.

Also- Noreen states that every single dime she had went to pay the private investigator yet on the Faith Daniels show her private investigator Roy Stevens states that he works for free- which begs the question as to whether she is stealing from the Johnny Gosch Foundation with its 501C3 status.

You can also research Roy Stevens and his “missing youth foundation of Omaha” and you will discover that both it and he are total bullshit.

Next we come to her book, which she says she started writing in 1983. WHY would a grieving mother decide to sit down and write a book 9 months after her son was “abducted”?

The answer to this is MONEY- that’s why. It’s always been about the money with this occultist witch. I call her this because there is a video called “Satanism and Missing Children” and in this video you can watch Jon Zalinski in Noreen and John Gosch’s house interviewing them as they both crack jokes in the middle of telling the tale of their missing son.

Then fast forward to a Jeff Rense interview with Noreen in 2006 and she is in court with Jon Zalinski because he is suing her- claiming he wrote her book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home. So please explain to me how they went from sitting across her kitchen table from one another to sitting across a courtroom from one another in such a short span of time?

The bottom line is Noreen knows exactly where Johnny is. She knows if he is dead or alive- she knows everything. But she is not telling and do you know why? Because there’s money in the “Johnny Gosch the kidnapped paperboy from Iowa” story as long as they can keep the interest alive.

In closing, I have to say that she is damn lucky that the police were either right there in on it with her or actually wanted nothing to do with the case truly believing Johnny was a runaway, because if they did do a “proper investigation” as she always puts it, she and her husband would look guilty as sin!

What is also strange is Noreen’s appearance, which- throughout the years- has been completely done up every single time- whether on tv or just a simple interview. Complete with full makeup, hair fully done- curled and blown out. Her husband John has been the same- always well dressed and distinguished. EVEN AT THE VERY BEGINNING. This fact, along with their body language and lack of or totally inappropriate emotion exhibits 100% duping delight. They aren’t being honest- and they are amused by the deception.

Then- when you compare that to all their inconsistencies in their story and their interchangeable details, I was left totally convinced that Noreen is a liar.

I’ll end this with a quote “YOU START WITH THE PARENTS BECAUSE THATS WHERE YOU START, ITS PART OF THE REGULAR PROCESS” -John Miller FBI (regarding Etan Patz Disappearance). Perhaps it is time- after everything- which we go back to the beginning and do just that.

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