My New OFFICIAL Campaign- Stop the Child Trafficking Pedophile Agenda

“There is an OBVIOUS pedophile agenda being run right now in America. What with them teaching kindergartners about masturbation, fourth graders about anal sex, and six graders how to use a strap on dildo- it seems it has infiltrated and taken over our schools. Now with California legalizing child “prostitutes”- although let’s call them by what they REALLY are- child trafficked victims- especially in the wake of this sex scandal regarding Corey Haim- it seems as if they believe they can just rewrite laws to prevent prosecution.

Both Donald Trump AND Bill Clinton were named the most in convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s little black book as guests in Epstein’s private plane entitled the “Lolita Express” were BOTH left their details and traveled to Epstein’s private child rape island. 27 times in fact. So why exactly is America being given two candidates who are running for the highest office in land even though BOTH are directly connected to pedophilia and child trafficking?

We the People need to come together and stand to stop this as the abhorrent mess that it is. So this is a campaign to raise awareness and start to fight this organized, well connected, and PROFITABLE child trafficking ring that has been going on for longer than any of us realize.”

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