Obama and the UN Moments Away from Controlling the Internet


OF COURSE they want control- because with the internet- none of them can keep all of their crazy shit secret. The internet has awakened the people- and there is ABSOLUTELY NO GOING BACK NOW.

One of “them” just said it is easier to kill a million people than control them- well- there are WAY more of us than there is of them- and so if that is true- perhaps they better think about this comment and the truth of it before they keep going down the road they have us traveling.

What they are truly fighting ISN’T the internet and it is NOT the people- but rather- PRINCIPALITIES. Do they actually believe they are going to win against Heaven? Really? Because in my experience- such a thought is delusional and borders on severe mental illness- as does their belief that they ARE GODS.

If this is true- you should have no problem taking over. But something tells me that they are NOT SO SURE ABOUT THIS ANYMORE.
Go ahead- take down the Internet. But I predict we will see riots GLOBALLY within 24 hours later. For them to take control- WE have to allow it. However- I don’t think that is going to happen. None of us trust them- we all know they are liars- criminals- and MUCH WORSE- and none of us are just going to go willingly just because they are demanding it.

It is called A POWER TRIP. THIS is their delusion. And they are about to find out how mistaken they really are. Better come out of your bubble my friends- because the PEOPLE are about ready to BUST your perfect world to shit!

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